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Plant Growout progress :)

I got a (very large) rubbermaid tub for my trimmings and young plants a week or two ago and shoved in an old heater and a fermentation co2 canister from Hagen.

Im really happy with it so far! :) My plants are certainly enjoying it, too. They were previously stunted from being in a small 5g.

The lights are normally not this awful, btw- I had a really great light but... it fell into the water. What a terrifying mess that was! My roommate and I freaked out as it nearly arced a shock out! Gyagh! Bad day!

Working on getting new ones, though this set up isnt terrible. Theyre still growing quite well. Huh.

Anyway, pictures!

The set up:
(Its at least 10 gallons, I think closer to 15? Noooo idea!)

Stays about 72-76'F and has minimal filtration, but just enough to push the heater water around, lol.

Side view, sorry its fuzzy, its not 100% clear plastic:

Above view:

One of my happiest plants, not 100 sure what it is though!


Not sure what Im gonna do with the plants. I might sell them at a local aquarium club or perhaps just to local stores.

I have a happy pond snail population (theyre enourmous...) and a few MTS in there and dose ferts and root tabs. :)

Post pics for progress later, so I can see changes!

(Comments, thoughts?)
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looks sweet! That one plant looks like pennywort but i could be wrong

110 gallon
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I'm pretty sure the "mystery" plant is Moneywort. Looks like some I had a while back that gave my tank perma-algae. LOL

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That's a very cool idea normally I just throw away my trimmings and whatever else. I normally like neatness and a sense of order I like the messy look of it all haha
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I think its moneywort, too- but not super sure.

My ACTUAL tanks are scaped ish, but this, meh. New trimming? Just shove it somewhere.
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got my worts mixed up =P

110 gallon
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