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Ph problem!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on Ph problem!!!!!!! within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by britnyjackson OMG i'm having the same problem!! Mine just plummeted from 7.2 to 6 now!! My fish seem ok, but I'm ...

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Originally Posted by britnyjackson View Post
OMG i'm having the same problem!! Mine just plummeted from 7.2 to 6 now!! My fish seem ok, but I'm stressed!! I've added ph increaser, but no luck yet. How much time should I let pass before I buy the crushed coral?? And how much should I add?
Oh, I have a 29 gal tank also.
Please do not use the pH adjuster chemicals in aquaria with fish. Rarely do they work, because the tank water pH is where it's at for a reason connected with the carbonate hardness in the water and/or the biological equilibrium in the aquarium. While these adjusters may raise (or lower) the pH temporarily, within 24 hours it will likely be back where it was. Result is pH fluctuation which is significantly more stressful on fish that a pH outside the preferred range.

A partial water change is a safer method--however, this can be disastrous too depending upon the reason for the pH drop.

What sort of fish (species) in the tank? And do you happen to know the hardness of your tap water?

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Tank still 6.0 or less

1. (Control)------ I left some tap water out after 24hrs... 7.4

2. (Experiment)------ I left same amount of tap water out but with some limestone/coral (aquarium safe) after 24hrs... 8.0-8.2

I'm not sure what to do. Add the limestone in?

Why cant things just be easy!!!!
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Have you gotten the test for KH and tested it yesterday?

For starters if you hadn't already done it I'd do a normal w/c now. Then I'd add 1/4 cup coral in a lil bag or into your filter if you can. Test again tomorrow AM. Depending these test results then I'd gradually add more coral bit by bit, day by day.

You do NOT wanna have it jump from 6 to 8 over night that is terribly stressful for the fish so whatever you wind up doing; do it SLOW.
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went to 2 LFS yesterday nobody had it. KH test. I'll try again today.
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Take a sample of your tap water to your fish store; if they are like most they will test it for hardness. Ask them to test the GH (general hardness) and the KH (carbonate hardness), and write down the numbers--make sure you get the numbers, not something vague like "sort of hard". If you buy a test kit for hardness, fine, but once you know the tap water hardness this is not necessary.

On the coral, do not add half a cup at once; that is too much in a 29g and may cause a high increase in hardness and resulting pH that will stress out the fish. This has to be done slowly. But the first thing is to find out the hardness so we know what is involved.

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