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Originally Posted by PewPewPew View Post
Thanks a bunch. Ill let you know, too- I just sent my email.

n2, I used your advice and told them I am willing to dispute the charges if a solution (refund) cannot be made. I attached the photos of the plants with my email.

Hopefully things will work out. TBH, it hurts a bit-- I ordered from them exclusively, and now its almost like Ive been jaded. :'(
You don't have to give up on them altogether. They're obviously having some problems with backlog after relocating.

Having said that, you should never receive a shipment like you did.

I ordered from them for my initial big order to plant my 75 gallon. I waited 3 weeks before I got the plants and they were in pretty good shape but I was underwhelmed by the amount and size of plants. I was also a tad annoyed that I couldn't get an idea of when I might receive the plants because it was around Thanksgiving and did not want them to show up the day before when I had so much to get ready for a boatload of people that were coming for dinner.

Want to guess when my plants showed up? Grrrrrr!!!

I found Mikeswetpets on e-bay that has amazing plants and I got them within 3 days. Can't say enough about the size and quality of these plants!

Good luck.

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Stories like this is why I either buy from my LFS or from members in the classifieds. I guess there is always risk ordering plants or livestock, but at the very least buying from members you get to see exactly what you are buying and in majority of the cases the members are stand-up people and will help you out if the order doesn't work out...that's in my experience at least.
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I also just received plants from SA my jungle vals are brown and rotting, dwarf sagittaria also looks awful my swords did look good. I wish I would have taken pics and emailed them but I did not. I can say my plants are coming back to life which makes me very happy, I'm still not sure the vals will make a 100% recovery but I'm hoping.
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Wow! I can't believe the quality of SA has gone so far downhill. I've ordered with them twice about a year ago, and was both times been more than satisfied with the size, quality, and health of the plants, aside from one red tiger lotus (expensive) that died off completely, but eventually made a huge comeback(and died again later...). They also often threw in extras which was quite a bonus. I'm sorry that your order was so bad! Any reputable company would not even consider shipping those sickly plants. They had to have been pretty bad before shipping. You may be able to get a few of them to live with some TLC, especially the java fern. That java fern looks like a less beat up version of some of the extra java ferns i had left over from consolidating my tanks..... that I left in a small bucket of water with lots of other plants for weeks............

Even if they are transferring their location or what not, I would think providing quality plants, or taking a short hiatus would be best for their reputation, which would seem to mean a lot to a small internet website.

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I got in touch with Mary and we ended up working something out. I was pleased with their response and their solution. They're having trouble with USPS delivering things late, so I'm giving the benefit of the doubt (in conjunction with a solution being made).

If anything else develops, Ill let you guys know.

Even though the plants were really rough, Im happy that a solution was found without a fuss (not that Im surprised_, especially considering how some companies get defensive and unwilling to cooperate.

I guess I can advise if you have issue to speak up now and make sure to have photos (of course), and they may be willing to accommodate you.
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Always a good thing when both sides walk away satisfied. Glad to hear you got it worked out.
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