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Adding more to the mystery.

I use RO water for WC's.

My water is therefore very soft ie. typically 0-3Gh.

Also my nitrate concentration is typically less than 15.

The aunbias in the moderately shaded area grows better than the anubias which is fully shaded and than the anubias which is not shaded.

This is the information which Big Al's publishes but as I indicated earlier my crypts seem to be doing better with Big Al's liquid fert than with Flourish

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What types of crypts are the Jones? Maybe that will help all around here.

I have an Anubias Nana and An Afzellii although the alfzellii is very new and only just recently moved to the tank with the Nana. Will have to see how it reacts and if it grows as well as the Nana or not.
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crypt walkeri


Anubias barteri round leaf

Another plant which I could not kill if I wanted to is
Anacharis (Egeria densa).
I have a few planted but also use them as my primary floating plants (this use is not published but they do very well).

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Re: the only plant i do well with

Originally Posted by daisycutter

why does this plant do so well when other plant species that are supposed to be easy fail the waters a little on the hard side is that the reson?i have 4 types of crypt all doing well ive even had flowers and i pulled some up to move them and the roots were a good foot long but i cant get java ferns or anubis to grow any ideas?
Daisy, what is the exact location of that plant in your tank? It looks like a calm spot that doesn't get much current and also looks like the roots may have access to the area under those structures. It could be very useful to know the position compared to the filter outflow, the structures and if they are more or less left alone. Could be an indicator of conditions the plant really likes and may indicate that you may only have to move different plants to different locations so they have as close to ideal conditions as there can be for that species.
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one filter at one end does the work a small extra one is just full of carbon and helps move the water in a circle arond the tank :)
red=water flow
i dont move the main plants really i just move any small offshoot plants that pop up against the glass i cant help with any exact names the labels i kept simply say " Cryptocoryne species" for all of them
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I am very much enjoying the dialog in this thread.

The closest that I can come to the species of the crypts in your photograph is
Cryptocoryne albida

An item which I do not remember in any of my previous posts and which may be pertinent to this thread:

I installed two air diffusion bars and one air diffusion disk in my tank for the enhanced aesthetics associated with the air bubbles (I only "run the air" occasionally).

As at night plants become oxygen consumers instead of oxygen producers I turned on the air for a week at night as well as during the day.

I noticed some, but not a significant, increase in the growth rate of my plants.

This increase may have been due to the increased carbon dioxide induction at the water surface as well as the increased oxygenation of the water due to the surface turbulence.

(I could find nothing in the literature which discussed the possibility of increased carbon dioxide induction).

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Cryptocoryne albida?ok it says it comes in a red leaf form id love to find that the other 2 types are the following.....same leaf form but very small grows in a carpet,the other is of the same size as the photographed plant but has long stems and oval leaves with no crinkles ill try and get some pics up :)
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was growing in a tight bunch says ground cover on the label

type 2 longer stems smaller leaves
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It looks like a really nice setup. Also looks like the plant is getting some lower water flow and that might be helping it.

I am wondering why you are running carbon in the other filter? The carbon could be removing a lot of the nutrients the other plants need and could be why the others are struggling. I do realize carbon helps to keep a tank clean and clear but with good growth the plants will do this for you.
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never thoght of that i thoght it was just standard practice to use it :) ill put some foam in the small filter instead
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