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Originally Posted by SinCrisis View Post
Quick question, how will floating plants effect substrate plants like amazon sword? will it slow down their growth or even kill it by starving it of light?
"Moderate" light requirement plants like swords do not need all that much light to grow. Light--but only in balance with sufficient nutrients--obviously affects how plants grow. High light and more nutrients will result in faster growth. But less light and less nutrients will result in healthy steady growth that will be slower. Algae also will be less troublesome with floating plants.

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@Lisa no just about 80% of it

I can only second the points Byron already mentioned. I have all my tanks lights dialed way down (Eg instead of 2x30w over my 55g 1x30w, full spectrum of cause).
I can also only double underline the algae point Byron made, while this stuff thrives of many factors mixed I had found way back in the day when I had real high end lights (because I thought it was needed when really its not) I always had algae of various kinds, sometimes more sometimes less; I don't have this issue any more now since I have lower end lights.

As a direct Sword example:
I planted my 55g last Nov '09 with 2 Amazon Swords, about 6-8" with maybe 3-4 leaves when I bought them.
Now today Sep '10 these very 2 Swords measure abut 17-18" and are extremely bushy.
This is how they grew with my low lights, no ferts and 9 out of 10 days my floating plants cover the entire tank side-side and back-back unless I just get lucky and mail some off to hobbyists here (which does not happen often).
I can gladly show you some before-after pictures of the Swords for comparison.

Also bare in mind other plants, I had found plants like various Crypts or Ludwigia to thrive much better under less light/ light filtered by floating plants then without.

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Does anyone know where I can get Pennywort? I have been looking for a nice floating plant and this looks like it would do very nicely. I live in central PA, but I haven't seen this at any of my local figh stores. Thanks!
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I purchased some from Angel on this thread and I am very pleased. I suggest giving her a pm, my pennywort has turned out beautiful that came from her. All the plants she sent me have thrived! I especially recommend the pennywort, when it takes off it is just a beautiful plant.
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is aquabid a reliable source? seems like it could be easy to get scammed...
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I also just bought pennywort from Angel079 and boy is it beautiful. She sent me sooo much it's coming out my ears (in a good way!). If she has any left, I'm sure she'd be more than willing to send you some. Shoot her a PM.

I've bought plants on Aquabid. Just read the seller feedback before bidding. Sellers with 99% or 100% feedback are typically safe to buy from.
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Thanks for the positive feedback guys, glad everybody is happy with their plants.

@zambit I just recently mailed a BIG bag out, just let me know how much you had in mind and I will be able to tell you if I have enough left for you
All my plants are grown w/out fertilizers and in sickness free tanks. I will check for snails hitchhiking before shipping as well unless you'd like some cleaning crews

~ Life Is Too Short, Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably And Never Regret Anything that Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We're Here, We Should Dance. ~
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Thanks Angel.

I PMed you. :)
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