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No tech planted jar

This is a discussion on No tech planted jar within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hello all, it has been quite some time since I've posted. I trust everyone has been having a good time : ) . I ...

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No tech planted jar

Hello all, it has been quite some time since I've posted. I trust everyone has been having a good time : ) . I have recently quit moving around the state and decided to take up the hobby in a very small way, and place some aquatic plants in a 0.03 gallon jar similar to the one in this fantastic thread. (I considered bumping it... Perhaps I should?)

This jar will have substrate, plants and water. I essentially want the exact look the OP's jar has. I was considering livestock--such as a snail or shrimp--iif I could establish the jar. How would I go about establishing such a small, no tech "tank"?

Thanks in advance!
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I had a few marimo moss balls in a jar for a while. They do pretty well in small spaces, take up all the "Energy" in the water and keep algae from growing for the most part, but seem to let plants actually planted in the substrate do fine.

Smaller plants like the mini cardinal MIGHT do ok, depends on lighting, they like good light. Stem plants and java moss would work, you'd have to do a good bit of clipping on stem plants since they grow fast, but you could always sell what you get too much of and keep them nice and tiny. Java moss might take over though, it's just strands of pretty green moss that grows and grows, though you can shape it and keep it smaller, still might not be the best idea in very small places.

Those are all I can think of that'd be easily managed and easily kept small without killing them. Moss balls you can get really, really tiny and they take years to reach golfball size(about six or seven years to hit that size). They're oddly cute. lol Some people keep tiny ones in little things on necklaces(you know like those little tube things people put gold dust and water in?), pop some substrate in and wear those.
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inland aquatics used to have a hidden thread on eco jars.

I did some testing and found that some peat moss in the substrate prevents kh and gh rise.

I also kept a feeder guppy for 2 years in a in a one pint jar.

If you can get up to a gallon you might be able to keep more and larger fish.

my .02
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Thanks everyone. I decided to start yesterday. I have placed two bunches of anacharis and a couple of java ferns in there, as they are the best suited for this type of experiment. I also had an onion bulb floating in my five gallon tank, so I threw that in the jar for good measure. I used black gravel mixed with Floral-Max for the substrate, and have a small piece of driftwood and some small stones. There is no livestock yet. I have heard my LFS has horned nerites, so perhaps I will check them out sometime later this week.

I'm planning on post pictures soon, if anyone is interested. I had to buy the anacharis from a chain store, and it was not looking great, so hopefully we can turn it around.
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It's been about 24 hours since the original set-up. I have not tested the water and I don't plan to tonight. My apologies. However, it does have quite the stench of scummy water. I have not put the lid on the jar from fear of killing the plants.

Perhaps I will need some source of significant light. The fluorescent lights are six feet away--at least. Diagonally. And maybe an hour of natural sunlight. Anyway, I'm rambling again. Pictures tomorrow or Thursday, if anyone is following.
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I wouldn't call that rambling. lol You should see my posts, some may as well be books. Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off yourself and others.

You will need to get light to it, even if those are low light plants. I have a little desk lamp that I pt plant lights in from the pet shop for my five gallon tank because the lid on the tank is not sufficient for HOLDING a light(it lets all the water in, not even fully blocked off, I have no idea what the incredible moron creators were thinking). You can use normal lights, but they'll probably be too powerful even for short periods and cause algae, big time.

It's been so long, I had one of these when I was a kid, and it stunk. But if I recall correctly, changing out about half the water per day for a while there killed that, or at least lessened it A LOT.
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I took some really shoddy looking pictures. Hooray! I have "rescaped" since the first two images. The last three are taken earlier today (say "hi" to Oscar the dog). I have actually placed the ferns on a piece of wood and put the anacharis in the substrate. And finally, I bought some tiny horned nerites and ghost shrimp to stock the jar with today.

Can someone please educate me on whether I should place a air-tight lid on the container? If so, how does that work? Will micro-organisms feed the shrimp while the snails feed on algae? Will the plants oxygenate the water well enough for the livestock, or will the livestock create enough carbon dioxide for the plants? I suppose it is all trial and error until equilibrium is achieved. Anyway, I have to get ready for work. Thanks for reading. : )
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Not bad. I'm now debating on doing this, if only to spread out and grow my plants more. lol

Hello, Oscar the Dog! I have a pleco I named Oscar. :3
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Hello Oscar the Pleco!

My worst fears have come true, I placed three shrimp in the jar and within an hour two had died. I'm not sure if it was poor acclimation or poor water quality. I'm afraid my ignorance and eagerness to make this thing work exceeded careful decision making. Since then, I have placed the nerites in my other tank. Hopefully the one remaining shrimp isn't too much for the jar.
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Oh dear. Yeah, there wouldn't be much in there for them right now, oxygen-wise or food-wise, and you want to test the water first, especially since shrimp can be pretty delicate. You wont want to pop any critters in there until your plants have established in the jar a bit, few weeks at least without any issues. Also, a tiny bubbler might help all around. It's hard to get CO2 into small spaces like that, someone was surprised I had plants doing so well in my 5 gal because of that little issue(I had no idea about it), and I informed him that the plants rotted and died before I got an airstone. Just an idea in case you have issues. =) As for the bioload? A trio of ghost or cherry shrimp would likely be fine, cherries especially stay smaller and have a very small bioload. Although in a jar it COULD have shocked them adding them all at once. Do a litle water change in there, add some Prime...although that might make it smell like sulfur.
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