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No Fert ?

This is a discussion on No Fert ? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Ha, a bit opposite of what I expected. I would've thought the first parts were the crucial ones. I guess not then. So I'll ...

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Ha, a bit opposite of what I expected. I would've thought the first parts were the crucial ones. I guess not then. So I'll work on getting those plants in. Again, I will probably end up succumbing to the API Leaf Food from Petsmart, as I heard the better reviews from that one. Hopefully it will work out..
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If you can, I would really try and get the Flourish Comprehensive. As Byron stated, the tetra brand fertilizer is incomplete. You can order it online from here : I bought the big jug and I just fill up my mini bottle when needed, should last quite a while! but I would really try and get ahold of some Flourish Comprehensive. Just my two cents though.

I use Flourish Comprehensive as well as Seachem root tabs (recommended by byron, I think). I have the root tabs planted near my swords in my tanks, as well as my other rooted plants. Between those (which last for months) and the flourish liquid fert, my tank is growing like bananas. I dose once a week with flourish comp, a day after my pwc....

are you not a fan of ordering online or something?
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I don't use ferts at all.

Circle of life and all that, between uneaten fish food and eaten fish food (poop) and eaten fish (guppy fry are eaten and, erm. you know.)

I think most of my bases are covered.
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I would LOVE to order online. I'm not allowed to, I'm under my parents rule and the "Keep your grades high sldkfjgkjsaldsj." That kind of thing, you know? But I would love Seachem.

Redchigh, I will "only" have 2 nerite snails, and 2 betta fish. Would this be enough with their fish poop and respiration and all that jazz? I'm just...worried. Paranoid. I don't want $12 of plants going down the drain (lol, I know it's not a lot).
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There's really a few things you got to consider here for good plant growth:
1) What plants (names) did you order/ get??
2) Do you have proper lights for the plants (w/out proper lights ferts will really not cut it for thriving plants)

Last but not least nutrition plants need also are found in most tap / well waters plus the co2 from fish plus their waste. Either you get a comprehensive fert as mentioned by previous posters or you see how your plants thrive w/out ferts and watch for signs such as yellowing leaves or pin holes in the leaf. If you look at my tanks here for example all these run w/out ferts, w/out co2 just my fish and water & lights
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Old 03-27-2010, 01:35 PM   #16
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I didn't order yet, I want to be more prepared until I order. (Plus one plant I want is out of stock, still).

Anubias nana, pennywort, rosaefolia, ludwigia repens. The light is a 10W compact fluorescent over a 5 gallon that will house 2 bettas and 2 nerite snails [also to order from SA]
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Old 03-27-2010, 03:52 PM   #17
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I'm still looking for a decent comprehensive fert but I'm at a loss WHERE to get them (not online anymore. Dad kinda got a little p/o'ed so that's out of it ... ). Petsmart kinda failed on me, lol, and Petco didn't have it to begin with. I need to check the Walmart near me, I haven't been there in weeks (believe it or not).
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A question for those who don't use ferts - What is your substrate? Should've mentioned this, but I'm running off the plain aquarium gravel. Without ANY substrate / ferts, and with my details, would it really be okay? I'm running off really paranoid, and again, I don't want $20 down the drain. And thanks for all the current help so far~

I understand the 17-nutrients. The problem is: i'm not sure if I have all those nutrients between my tap (I don't have a test kit), fish, and fish foods. What would really be bad if I hardly have anything in my tap.
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Regular aquarium-type gravel is fine for plants. The smaller sizes work best; if it is too large (the size of green peas for instance, more like small pebbles) it can trap food and also not allow plant roots to "root". There is an incredible colony of bacteria that live (or should live) in the substrate, and small-grain gravel seems to work best for this too. I use regular gravel, and I do have substrate fertilizer sticks next to the larger sword plants, but for years I didn't and they grew fine. But they do need liquid fertilizer, swords are termed heavy feeders because they are relatively large robust plants that need nutrients.

It really is hard to determine how well plants will do without liquid fertilizer. Some have success, others don't. You did mention API Leaf Zone, do any of the stores in your area have any other liquid plant fertilizers? If you give me the names, I might be able to suggest the best one for you.

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I went around town today, and nothing off the original list I gave you. One was good, but no longer sold here (Whaaaat...) and the other two seem useless. Saw them at Petsmart, and it only held 2 nutrients. Same with Petco, only had the Tetra brand. Next time I go to Walmart, I'll tell you what I see. But has anybody here bought any fert from Walmart, because I'm highly doubtful about it.
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