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Originally Posted by Blaxicanlatino View Post
one tnak has a single 6500K 15 watt tube fluorescent light tube. THe other has 2, 15 watt compact flourescent light bulbs (30 total watts). Im putting the red ludwigia in the 30 watt tank. and the red/brown crypt in the 15 watt tank. Speakin of which, i have alot of algae on my anubias nana( located attached to a piece of wood in the 15 watt tank) . I dose a day after water change (once a week).
Algae means too much light. Start by reducing the period, but if this is in the tank with 30w that may be the problem, Look for two 10w bulbs, or 5w even. Remember they give off light equal to 25w normal incandescent bulbs, so don;t let the watts fool you, that is only a measure of the energy used not intensity. But 30w of CF is something like 60w of normal.

The fluorescent tube will be fine, I had one over a 10g years ago.

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i dont have much of an algae problem in either tank. I think ima put a red wendtii in the 15 watt tank and another bushier crypt in there to the left. then in the 30 watt tank add a red ludwigia or repens and i wanna add something bushy like cabomba to the tank but i want something that workds well rooted in the subtrate. sounds good?

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or what about hornwort or anacharis in my 15 watt tank?

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