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New with questions

Hello. I have a 29 gal. freshwater tropical aquarium. I am interested in adding plants, but don't think I can right now. I have incredibly hard water. Mainly the KH is the worst at 300+. The GH is 150 - 200 and the pH is 8.4! I was thinking the ph that high will kill any plants I buy. Also, I am worried about the substrate I have. I have natural (tan) colored aquarium gravel.

I have thought about getting a co2 system to help, but I don't know if the little fermentation set up would be enough for my tank.

What do you suggest for changing the substrate and also the co2 system? My tank currently has several species of fish, so I would like to make the transition to them as easy as poosible.


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First your water GH and KH are fine for most plants. The more nutrients that you have the better the plants should do. I am curious though, is your tap water the same or is there something in your tank that is causing these numbers? I intentionally try to keep my GH and KH between 150ppm and 225ppm just for my plants and have never had a problem with any of my fish because of it.

As for your pH, here are some plants that will tolerate at least a pH of 8.5 or higher:
Valisnaria, Anacharis/elodea, Crinum, Anubias
I also found that most plants have a range that is up to a pH of 8 so I would bet most will adjust to your pH without much problem. Your GH, KH and maybe your pH could start to come down in your tanks because of the plants using up the nutrients and some of the possible causes of your high pH. Click HERE to check out the needs of many common aquarium plants.

The only real limiting factor is your lighting. Your substrate would be fine for anything but groundcover. CO2 addition will help any plant and I have seen DIY CO2 succesfully done on tanks up to 40 gallon.
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Can I hug you??? That is the best news I have heard all day!!! Shhh, don't tell my husband, but I will be heading back to the fish store today!
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Sorry I didn't answer your question. Yes, our tap water is that hard. It is well water of course!!!
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