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Not as of yet- although I aspire to it!

I've got 9 juvi Albino Bristlenose Plecos, which I intend on breeding. You and the fishforum community will certainly be the first I would sell them to.

On the other hand, I often find myself with excess plants if you need any.
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its just the local petstores are crappy and the emplyees know nothing. One even argued once by charging me 10$ for a corydora because he said it was a pleco!

It apperaas that there are no tablet ferts in the local petstores also. Would liquid be alright? which is better liquid or tablets?

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There's no real "better" just "appropriate". Liquid would probably just encourage algae growth in your tank.

I'd recommend ordering online. You'll find a thousand sites with cheap stuff out there.

As for fish, try posting a wanted to buy in the classifieds section. If that doesn't work out, check out It's a good spot to buy directly from breeders and from other hobbyists. It's like ebay but for fish people.
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thank, i bought plant gro

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Ok, that will help. However, it's a liquid fertilizer, which doesn't do much for your substrate. Swords are *heavy* root feeders, so they really need a root fertilizer.

If the liquid fertilizer is not being absorbed by anything, probably going to end up feeding algae. The sword will draw up some of the nutrients, but not at the rate that stem or floating plants will.
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gotcha, just gotta find a place that sells tablets

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It's probably cheaper to order them online (although if you only have one plant it might not be worth it). My LFS sells 10 seachem tabs for $10. You can order them for half that online, or you can order generic ones for even cheaper like the AP brand or's own brand (those are the ones I use, but I go thru a lot, so I buy them in packs of 75 for $11).

However, if you're using one tab every 3 months for one plant, a 10 pack will last you over two years. Not too shabby.
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Although swords may seem to be heavy root feeders, they are also heavy leaf feeders also. Basically, they are just plain nutrient hogs. Root tabs alone will NOT do enough for the plant.

Liquid fertilizers are best for smaller tanks, 55g and smaller. Pfertz products are awesome. They have just released a more concentrated formula that really makes in nice and a much better buy. Any tank larger than 55g, 70g and above, Liquid fertilizers become not very cost effective.

Fertilization, the feeding of your plants, should be balanced. The trace elements are just as important as the major elements NPK, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. All need to be dosed in the proper amounts.

Good soil is also key. Personally, I like using EcoComplete for Planted Tanks. I do have tanks using a blend of gravel and Fluorite, but do not like this combination as well.

I use API root tabs. The bottles I use are a better buy than Seachem. Seachem sells their product for a $1 a tab and, to me, that is NOT a good buy. I also use Jungle tabs in my larger tanks. These are normally for pond plants but I have used them with great effectiveness.
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I went to all the pet stores and aquariums in my city and still have yet to find any of those items. maybe I'll find some that rich substrate

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Hmm...every Petsmart I've been to carries API root tabs as well as liquid ferts. They tend to keep the root tabs on the wall next to the fish medications and water conditioners.

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