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ok. I did a search online for the CFL's, but couldn't find any that would actually fit in the hood to my tank, but maybe if I go to lowes this weekend, I can take one of my current bulbs and match em up... I'll figure it out.... I just can't wait to get this going!
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Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the full-size spiral ones won't fit into the little 10 gallon light. I almost broke the reflector trying to force it in.

The mini spirals should work though. They're about half the size of the big ones and have a more appropriate light output for a small tank anyways. I'm not sure how much space you have in yours though; I'm sure it varies depending on the hood.
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I figured that much out when I was cleaning the hood yesterday... It was pretty well gunked up from when I had used it previously. Where should I try to get my plants from?
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physical stores for the common stuff, but christmas moss will be hard to find in those stores, online ones such as sweet aquatics or thatfishplace might have the stuff you need. I know thatfishplace has micro sword and they are excellent with quality. However, if you order online you might wanna keep it all at the same store since shipping is usually 2-day since the stores usually guarantee live delivery
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Well, I made a quick trip to the LFS today that "should" have had the stuff I needed... He looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he had any eco-complete or any planted tank substrate at all... He didn't have ANY screw in CFL's, and his plants... well, left a lot to be desired. I got a couple of 25 watt incadescent bulbs, for now. I'm hoping for better luck this weekend when I can make a trip to another town that has some better shops.
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Oh! I do have one question... for a 10 gallon DIY CO2 setup, should I stick with the 2 liter soda bottle with 2 cups of sugar & 1/2 tsp of yeast, or should I cut that in half to start out with?
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i would start with the half and see how your plants fare, up the ratio as you see fit for plant growth. Also watch for fish behavior, if CO2 is high, they may be seen gasping for air at the top of the tank, turn down the co2 if thats the case. Also, i would get a diffuser, a real one not just a simple diy one like airstones or upside-down cups as they are much more effective.
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ok, so apparently no one in Central Illinois has planted tanks... or they order their substrate from online... NONE of the petstores for a 50 mile radius has ANY "planted aquarium substrate." I'm so aggrivated!
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ask for flourite? its almost the same as eco-complete and more commonly used. Most lfs's that sell plants should have some kind of planted substrate, i see it all the time at petcos and petsmarts and those arent even specialized fish stores.
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ok, petsmart had the flourite, but I wasn't sure if it was as highly recommended...
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