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Need Help Identifying two Plants

Dear Tropical Fish Keeping,

A few days ago I decided to aquascape my aquarium, due to the fact that I had one large bundle of plants that wasn't spread across the tank. As I've been reading up on plants and whatnot, it has me thinking; I don't actually know what kind of plants are in my aquarium.

If anyone knows what plants these are, based on the pictures bellow, please let me know. To my knowledge I only have two types of plant. Exhibit A covers most of the aquarium. I only have one of Exhibit B.

Thanks, Oyster Man.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

P.S. I clipped off the dead leaf of "Exhibit A" after the photos were taken.
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Think the first one might be some form of Aponogetons.......cant really tell what second one might be
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Seems like Java Fern in A and Anubias nana in B. Neither of which should actually be buried in the substrate btw. There should be a large root like mass with other little roots coming out of it. You can bury the little roots but the larger mass(called a Rhyzome I believe) needs to be above the substrate. Seems to be some algae on the leaves as well. I would suggest buying a a soft bristle toothebrush and very gently stroking it off. It will interfere with photosynthesis and basically suffocate the plants.

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im thinking cryptocoryne and anubias

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I agree with the last poster...(A) Crypt Wendtii 'green' and (B) anubias nana...

Take the anubias out of the gravel and tie it to some decor with string or fishing line. The crypt is just a green version of Wendts Red Crypt, which is in the profiles. (click the highlighted word)

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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I concur (with redchigh and beetlebz).

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Dang... 50% I fail :P
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Thanks for the help.

Didn't know about the rhyzome on the anubius, so I'll fix that. I'll also be sure to use a toothbrush to remove the algae.

I suppose that's all I needed. Thanks again everyone.
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Ive had fair success with growing anubias and java fern in the gravel, as long as the rhizome isnt buried. I have some anubias in my 55g as we speak rooted in the gravel. OTOH, it grows quite a bit quicker tied to stuff.

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