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this sounds familiar...

Dude - your problem sounds so familiar. I have a 55 gallon and have gone through 200 dollars in plants. More than the fish cost - all in the effort to give the fish a close to natural biosphere. Then I bought the Hagen Glo system at 48 inches... T5 power glo and life-glo Ho lamps with reflector. Expensive but I thought I wanted the plants to grow. And I still want the plants to grow! So I added CO2 to the biosphere and here is how...
One Juicy juice bottle, a bottle of yeast for bread, and sugar. I bought 8' of tubing and drilled a hole smaller than the tubing by 1/16" mixed the sugar ( fuel ) and the yeast micro-organism. I learned from a LFS in Atlanta Ga to place the tubing under rock or driftwood for natural diffusion and well the plants are growing and flowering. Caution - PH drops significantly when introducing CO2 in the tank enviroment so add shell - crushed shell or coral - or PH enhancing chemicals or rock. The natural diffuser works like crazy!
Also I had green spotted Algae exlode all over my plants and glass when I added the new lamp system. I moved the lamps higher from the tank with the glo-system brackets supplied and changed water weekly for 3 weeks 1/3 the tank capacity. The algae is still there but the plants are growing and flowering and the algae has pretty much been diminished. It is the blue light ( not the red light power-glo lamp ) and nitrate levels that allow the algae to grow - so it seems to me. Vacuum your rock to do water changes and note how your nitrate levels will drop as will the amount of algae.
Write back if you have any questions and great luck.
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I must agree--I had the same problem. Currently, I have a 38 fully planted tank. I don't use CO2 because I really don't need it. I don't have a lid so the tank is fully open, and I have a twin tube light fixture over it 2x30watt plus a little 15watt marineglo on half to give the more light-demanding plants more of the blue spectrum that they need. My substrate is about 40 lbs of black fluorite and 15 lbs of small river rock on the top.

I've turned a powerhead around so that it pumps down into an undergravel filter plate so when I dose my ferts, they go straight to the roots where they can be absorbed. I do a weekly fert dose of iron and excel as well as a small water change Although I don't have CO2 running, all my plants grow incredibly well. I have several dwarf lilies, telanthera, and other high-light plants that grow great with little algae problems. A good idea is to use flourish excel as a nice carbon source. It's also got a small amount of algaecide in it that is used commercially in the shipping industry.
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