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If you're using the 9 watt incandescent bulbs, you can easily replace them with sylvania craftlight full spectrum spiral compact fluorescents in the 13 watt size. With a bit more work (You'll need to remove your reflector and paint the inside of your light strip gloss white, and then stand it off from the top of the tank by half an inch and drill a few holes in the top to allow circulation) you can use the same brand of light in 23 watts. It still won't give you as good results as a real CF retrofit kit, wot with strikeback and an inefficient reflector, but it will beat the living snot out of incandescents.

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No. I've got a 15W Fluorescents aquarium lamp.

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Wow, form the picture I would have swore incandescents but ok. The first question is how old is the lamp? If it is more than 9 months old then I would say time to replace it. I would also look for a higher K rating than that one, 6,500 or even better 10,000.

But I do still think that the bulb is likely the cause, the dying from the tip in is a classic example of it. Iron will play a role but will usually show up as brown spots that get bigger which I didn't see in the picture.
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Nah. The long plants got too long. They were still flourishing. And the swords started getting bad because they are root feeders. So I put in a plant tablet under the plant (or right beside it) in the gravel. It has "Plus Iron" on it.

Yep :).
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Need to take a slight issue with f4a on the light. For plants, your best bet is a plant bulb, which has a strange spectral profile that makes a K-rating pretty meaningless. Your next best bet is a 6700K bulb. Followed by 5500K.
What I have done with my smaller planted tanks is put a second strip light on them, so your at least getting 30 watts instead of 15. If you have $60 burning a hole in your pocket, the small power compact fixtures are in that range (the larger ones are much more - my 130 watt 48" was $200 new, and my 260 watt 48" was, I think, $200 used, and my 36" 192 watt was $125 used - the moral of the story: buy used).

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I'm not really up for buying a new light >.>
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Alright. I bought a 18,000 Kelvin fluorescent tube. I noticed a big difference :). And I bought a Betta and put it in a bowl :P.
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