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My plants are a bit brown

The only one that looks healthy is my java fern :P.

This guy really grew. But the bottom portion is kind of brown :(

The leaves of this one are getting bad.

One leaf is even pale!

Here is one of my snails. Awwe :3
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do you feed your plants at all ?
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Your lighting may not have been able to penetrate the bottom part.

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Hornwort tends to do that when many stems are planted together so closely. Maybe spread them out a bit. They don't need too much space. And the sword prob just needs a gravel supplement. It's a heavy root feeder.

You so cool.
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Well. I might as well then remove the Sword. I use liquid fertilizer.
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I wouldn't remove it. The tablets are relatively cheap and last a long time. Just put one tablet underneatht the sword and you're good to go. SeaChem makes good tablets.

You so cool.
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that's true actually.
now thinking on it,i used tabs,and i was glad i did,
the plants are doing well.
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The sword has an iron deficiency. Root tabs wold work. Dosing with flourish Iron would work.

That tall plant is Cabomba carolinia. You'll need to un-bunch it,, trim the last couple inches off the bottom, and replant the stems individually about 3/4" apart. That's the bad news. The good news is that you can trim it from the top and re-plant the trimmings. I have several tanks with big stands of Cabomba that all started from one bunch a year ago.

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Thanks guys!
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Your lighting is unforntunately not enough to help most of your plants except the java fern. From your picture I can see you are using incandescent lighting and this is only providing about 2 watts of usable light. If there is any way you can, get a fluorescent light for the tank or find 2 of the 10 watt screw in compact flourecents that have a Kelvin rating of 6500. It will do wonders for your plants and not change their needs. Root tabs are a good choice for the sword and they can be bought extremely cheap and they work. I thought I needed the best ones but even the $5/30 tabs ones work perfect and I grew a sword to monster size using them. Just make sure they have iron in them.
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