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Microsword Trimming

Hey all,

Does anyone have experience with microsword carpets? I am trying to figure out how to trim mine, but is it the same as mowing the lawn? Do i just cut them all to the desired height and have them grow back? I feel like that could kill the plant. Im trying to get the plant to grow long in the back and short in the front so i need to keep the front trimmed. Any helps/tips/experiences would be much appreciated.
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how tall is the microsword? i have a microsword lawn and ts only a max of .5 inch. probably the lowest lawn plant ive ever owned.

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Many of mine are >1in. .5in would be amazing if i could get the front to grow like that, but alas, its roughly 1in all around with some taller, and some shorter.
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whats your substrate or lighting'? my substrate is flourite sand with 30 watts in a 10 gallon. Most of the microsword is actually smaller the .5 inch. i think the closest measurement would be .3 or .4 of an inch.

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im using a ~.5" soil/flourite blend with pea sized gravel on the bottom and then super fine 1mm black gravel ~1" on top of that. Light is 9 1w White LEDs. My longest leaves are ~3" and my shortest one i can see is 1". According to the sources i could find, it seems that Micro Sword can grow up to 6".
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how many gallons? only thing i can think of is increase lighting

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1gallon. well what i want to know is if i can just cut it, like trim it to the desired length. I dont want to change my lights and whatnot, i jsut want to know if trimming it with scizssors across the top will kill the plant or its like grass where it will just grow back slowly...
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Does anyone know if this can just be trimmed?
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