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I did a little reearch and they gave me Hemianthus Micranthemoides instead of Hemianthus Callitrichoides - so I received Baby Tears or Pearl Grass instead of Dwarf Baby Tears.

I don't know that i have enough light to grow this plant effectively but I'll give it a shot (1.5 watts per gallon). I think I'll plant it as a carpet plant horizontally to see if it spreads and then also as a mid ground plant to add some lush green color near the driftwood.

Once i do some breathing exercises so I can calm down enough to begin to replant the Micro Swords of course.
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Okay. Many things did I learn last night. Here is a list.

1) NEVER aquscape on a weeknight with work the next morning. I thought it would take me two hours. It took five.

2) When planting tiny plants with tweezers, never balance a container with over a gallon of water containing the plants on an UNSTABLE SURFACE. You would think this is common sense and everyone would already know this. Apparently not. Apparently I'm just an idiot.

3) When deciding to create a planted tank environment - make sure you decide on carpet plants BEFORE you fill the tank with water and fish. Planting my carpet plants would have taken 20 minutes if I had a fine substrate and no water in the tank. Instead it took 3 hours. Plant one, it stays. Plant another - and number one pops out and floats to the surface. Re-plant #1 and #2 pops out and floats to the surface.

Scream, rinse, repeat.

4) NEVER, if you can help it, place your fish tank near your bookcase. I lost a whole shelf last night during the "balance this open container on an unstable surface" incident.

Summary: The plants are as planted as they're gonna get. I hope they grow. I like this hobby. I just wish I had the knowledge I have now, before I decided to get involved. I'll get it down eventually but MAN, what a rollercoaster so far.
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