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thanks beetlebz its still not growing to fast but i can see some growth i guess it is still suffering from the transplanting.... good to know. i hope it does as well in my tank as it did in yours

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I added the micro sword to my 65 gallon hexagon which is a very deep tank. This plant has been in now for 4 weeks and it seems to be doing rather well at this point. After I planted it I root tabbed the substrate with Flourish brand tabs which this plant will require from what I have read on the net. Also while researching this plant after it was planted I found out that it should be planted leaf by leaf with a spacing distance of the width of a leaf. After planting and the root tabs let this plant establish it self for about 4 weeks. Then trim it down. The trimming is what will make this plant spead and give the lawn effect we are after. I trimmed mine for the first time tonight. I let the trimming float to the top and then just skimmed them off of the surface with a net. I also dose my tank with flourish comprehensive weekly. My lighting consists of (3) 15 watt T8 6500K bulbs. I also have duckweed for a floating plant that gets quite thick and blocks the light even more. Again from what I read on the net they couldn't stress trimming this plant enough to get the lawn effect. Also everything I read about this plant it was stated that algea was quite quick to grow on it but that should go away over time. Luckily I was fortunate and didn't get this problem yet (Knock on wood). I am also thinking that I planted the micro sword last in the tank and the fact that it is already an establish set up is the reason I didnt get the algea out break on this plant. But that is my opinion and not fact. I hope this helps.

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From the pictures posted before, I do not think that is pygmy chain sword. I have both pygmy chain and brazilian microsword in my tanks and that picture definitely looks like brazilian microsword.
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Originally Posted by SinCrisis View Post
From the pictures posted before, I do not think that is pygmy chain sword. I have both pygmy chain and brazilian microsword in my tanks and that picture definitely looks like brazilian microsword.
Although I suggested H. tenellum originally, I wouldn't argue. Whatever it is, this is the emersed form, and the two plants are very close. Submersed they differ quite a bit.

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That's true, they are incredibly similar in the emersed form. I only believe its brazilian microsword because of the runners shown in the picture. in my experience, DCS usually sprouts multiple leaves per nodule and the nodules are a little farther apart. Brazilian micrsword usually sprouts 1-2 leaves per nodule and they are all very close together.
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