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Metal Halide with plants

I was wondering if metal halide lights work well with plants or if was mainly for saltwater tanks. I am trying to decide on my light system that I am going to buy and was wondering if the medal halide was worth the extra money. I have a 90 gallon planted tank that I am actually in the process of redoing and just ordered a pressurized co2 setup and was now trying to decide on the lights.
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Metal halide, while giving off massive lumens(light intensity), generates alot of heat. There are better choices to be made. The relatively new T-5 flourescent bulbs are very economical(low wattage) and have a relatively high lumen rating. Most fixtures I am using that are T-5s, Have dual bulbs, thus doubling the lumen rating. A full spectrum light (ex. gro-lux, sunlight, ect) is the best choice for spectral light. Try to stay away from cool white(the blue end of the spectrum) and warm white(the red end of the spectrum) as the light band in these are too narrow and do not provide good quality light in the middle or at the opposite ends of the spectral band.
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Is a t5 and a compact fluorescent the same or are they different?
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well metal halides is what i am aspiring too for my tank, one day it will be an open top beauty- if you want a natural spectrum of light then go for it, i think MH tanks look amamzing, the light in the tank makes it look fresh- and you get natural shadows!!
Bottom line is- amano uses them now- so as he is the king of this hobby they must be the dogs :)

I dont know what everyone else feels, but i have tried all makes of tubes and they all have that awful yellow tinge to them not to mention their new brigtness fades after 6 months :(

Anyway just my personal opinion.
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