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from what i gathered, it seems that the shape exists so that the ball, regardless of how its moved, will be able to absorb sunlight. In a jar w/o current, maybe if the light is all around it will grow in all directions so it will not de-ball. A friend of mine had one in a betta jar/tank and the light was from a desklamp on the side and the ball grew towards the light so it was very lopsided. Also the balls sometimes float and sink so they do move around on their own.
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Do any of you know where to buy real ones? I bought some nano ones, I have not yet received... I thought that they were true... now I'm starting to second guess it.
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They look pretty much the same. My fake one was easy to crack open and the inside is just dead clado. But if you keep it as a ball shape it just keeps growing as a ball. My real marimo i could not find a seam to open it up. Neither is causing issues in my tank, and both look equally good.
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ive been doing this for about a year now and although its never attached itself to anything, it does stay sunk where i want it. I have it in a corner so fry can hide from the adults. Every week i turn it over so the other side recieves light. It has grown maybe 2" in length since i first started.
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I have read elsewhere that people have been able to get the moss ball to attach to wood but it requires a very long time. However it seems like many people just attach it with string/fishing line or use a nylon net. Ive seen pictures of the stuff netted to the substrate and being forced to grow as a mat.

Stevejohn21, isnt the ball easily moved by your fish? Mine are easily moved by my bolivian rams, i tried to make a pile in a corner for my shrimp fry but my chiclids just pushed the balls around and ate my shrimp fry.
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Yes its easy to move but its in my platy & molly 30 gallon tank so they dont really touch it. I could see a bigger fish swimming round it would cause it to move.

At 1st i was going to use a garlic bag to hold it down but i like instant results lol and dont think i could stand seeing it all the time !
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