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i agree with a peroxide dip. it is a safe and gentle algaecide when used properly. i have used it with great success on everything from black beard algae to cyano bacteria. it makes it easier to scrub the leaves off too.

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Well, how do you go about using the peroxide process safely? I've had a lot of people recommend it, but never give the details on how to do it safely. Since...well, if you mess up, is there a risk of killing your fish or plants?

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Today I spent almost 4 hours on my tank. I took all but the hornwort and rotala out to clean this dang algae off. I started with the hygro. Well now I have some very small stalks of it. Apparently the big long stems that all the shoots were on were not getting nutrients. This is my guess because the were weak and brittle. I just ended up taking all the healthy shoots off and planting them separately. They seem to grow quickly and I noticed that all of the ones I previously did this with have grown roots. I lost a lot of leaves but I am not worried about that. I took the (what were identified in another thread) crypts and did the same. I tried to go leaf by leaf but it was very tedious. The crypts are amazing. This things don't stop. It seems like the are going to fall apart and when you take a big plant and let it just break up you get lots of smaller ones. These, I find, also grow quickly and I find random plants just sprouting. The swords were next. Pretty amazing too. I kind of just let them come apart as well. I also made sure to clean off all the dead and rooting roots. I find that doing this every once in a while helps them to grow stronger and faster.

I then vacuumed. A LOT. This amounted to at least a 50% water change. Before refilling I took the filter media and rinsed it out in a bucket of tank water and cleaned the the filter. This wasn't that bad because I just did it recently.

I got a lot of this algae off the leaves of my plants but there is still some left. I'm gonna try to keep on top of it as best I can.

What a pain in the rear!!!
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Ah, you shouldn't have messed with the filter for such a big clean. x.x Especially since you already did it recently. Keep an eye on those water stats, you may get a spike.

I hope it all works out for you though, that stuff is a pain and get used to it though, if you think of it as a delicious food source here and there for your critters. lol

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Are you telling me that I won't be able to eradicate this vile stuff? There has got to be a way to rid my tank of it.
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Nope! I'm not saying that. I was just saying it doesn't normally grow in the filters, so that shoulda been left alone. Over-cleaning the tank wont make it go away, but could make it worse, which is why I said earlier to leave the filter be when you do a big clean. ^^;

Use Prime, it should help keep spikes in check and shouldn't feed the algae.

Less lighting will also work, you can try a black out. If you're uncomfortable with a long one, you can always do a shorter one and put a damper on the stuff at the very least, weaken it and it'll go away.

It WILL go away. It's just stubborn algae. You pick it off and keep the place clean, cut your lighting time in half for now at least, and it should clear up soon enough.

The biggest thing to watch out for aside from the lighting, is a dirty tank. If it gets overly dirty, oh so much nasty can sprout up from it and be hard to get rid of. The other is your stocking...How is it going on your bioload? It's not enough space for five angels once they hit adulthood along with other fish...but if your maintenance is really good and you do some extra water changes(I wouldn't know what to suggest really...a guess would be a 5% daily to go with your normal weekly, especially while you have this algae in there....don't over-clean by tampering with the filter and hold off until you see if that clean caused any spikes, if not then you should do that), keep things in check for the tank and the fish. This -should- lessen chances of algae problems.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Just checked.

Ammonia 0
NitrIte 0
NitrAte 5

I love my little columbian shark. I am confused. If I am running at 0 ammonia and nitrite with nitrates that don't normally reach over 20, how is my stocking too much for my bio-load? I just went to AqAdvisor that said that I should add a second filter and the minimum I could get was a 2nd AquaClear 70 (I have one now). It also said that filter capacity is calculated at 65%. I'm not questioning anyone's suggestions or being stubborn. I fully know that my shark is going to grow too big but, like I said, the place where I got it will take him back from me.
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i dono about staghorn algae, ... i had it (twice) and what got rid of it, ... well too many things changed to really point at anything in particular

other algae, flagfish,
i have no experience with the siamese algae eater (have red it's about 6" adult)
i do have experience with the florida flagfish (just over 2" adult)

i have heard they're pretty good competition for the siamese algae eater as far as algae control goes.
-for green algae i'd say certainly (in my biased experience - only the flagfish)


staghorn, ...
for me it showed up during the initial setup
-i let impatience get the better of me and i'm sure ammonia was present at low levels
the stuff simply never went away, ... till

i moved, massive water change (to move, so over 80%), addition of bristlnose pleco, tank now sat by the window
staghorn algae disappeared (see, too much to say what happened)

second staghorn outbreak
ammonia spike caused by pH shift after i removed 80% of my plants (still heavily planted, so imagine the plants :)
lost half my fish :(
as i am getting things under control, staghorn shows up again
still by a window
still have the bristlenose
now have a flagfish
pH is now over 8.0
... and shortly the staghorn algae clears itself up.


when it did disappear both times, i never was doing anything active to get rid of it, ... the tank inhabitants, or whatever else did

it can be gotten rid of, so don't worry :)

i don't know what parts of what my tank went through that cleared it up, but this is the stuff my tank went through when it happened.

i couldn't get rid of it manually (by anything i did)
i don't know if it was light
could be it wanted ammonia (at least to get started)
could be the bristlenose
i don't know about the pH (first time i don't know what the pH levels were)
i have no idea if the flagfish cares about staghorn algae or not - but it loves other green algae :)
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I'm going to work on just dosing my FlorinMulti and FlorinAxis and water changes along with removing manually what I can. I'll give it 2 weeks and see if it flourishes or starts to go away. If it grows more I'll re-explore eradication. I'm hesitant to add more fish.
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Of course now I see that there it's a red version starting to grow. Oh joy!
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