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LIghts and Plants

I just purchased a compact fluorescent light retrofit for my 37 gallon eclipse aquarium. It is 65 watts and the bulb is 10000k/6700 I am not really entirely confident on what that means but from what I have been told and been helped with they said this is what I should by. Some say that certain types of lighting make it so you get more out of the 65watt. I will be installing this during the week and hope to get started with some plant growth. I have notice with the two 18 watt bulbs that are there now that lots of the leaves get brown and don't seam healthy. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on some of these things

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If you are talking about the wisteria, which I think is what you have, (the long stem ones) the lower leaves will brown and die off, at least mine do and always have. I have high lighting with DIY co2 and I dose ferts and they still do it.
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My wisteria does the same thing in my high tech tanks. Oddly enough though, they don't in my smaller lower tech tanks. They are full and lush. Sure baffles me. So, now, there is no wisteria in the high tech tanks. $700 worth of upgrades to a tank, and a low tech, underlit, tank out performs the best money can buy. Go figure.
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Thanks for the imput

Well I am glad I am not the only one to have this problem. What amount of light would be needed to make that plant do its best?

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Okay, one thing on the Wisteria. The lower growth looks like it was grown emersed. The closed leaves and they way they look is normal for emersed. The upper parts are coming in nicely and look right for submerged growth. If it were me I owuld remove the lower parts and replant the good parts so the roots have more access to nutrients in the substrate. I actually saw Wisteria in Wal-Mart today that looked like the lower leaves on yours.

It also looks like you have a sword on the bottom. If you do, it will not like being shaded. That and it will compete with the Wisteria for nitrients. Make sure to get the sword some root tabs so it has enough to thrive, especially with the higher light.
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