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Lighting suggestions

This is a discussion on Lighting suggestions within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hi guys, As some of you may know, I have a 65g corner pentagon tank and was hoping to keep it planted. This is ...

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Lighting suggestions

Hi guys,
As some of you may know, I have a 65g corner pentagon tank and was hoping to keep it planted. This is what the tank looks like - excuse my bad paint drawing.

Then the pic below is the light i have on it now. It is a 2ft Heto unit with a bulb inside - the bulb was off ebay and on the package, it says that it is used to grow plants.

Anyway, I feel that this lighting setup is not enough for what I have in mind and was wondering watt ( ) is the best way to set up a layout of the lighting unit. The plants I am hoping to use are anubias, java fern, vall, cypt, some floaters and maybe amazon sword or a tiger lotus. BTW the tank is 45cm deep however the water depth is around 40cm give or take...
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Does anyone know a person on here that has a similar tank setup so i can pick there brains about lighting these setups?
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I have a good friend who has a 96 gallon corner bow front tank with similar dimensions but very deep. He used a 250 watt mogul metal halide suspended above the tank by a couple of plant hanger brackets that look real nice.
Great penetration and awesome shimmer,he went with a 14,000 Kelvin bulb as to have a very blue hue to the white.

If you are going to run with tube lighting I would see about a couple of T-5 HO bulbs or multiple T-8s. If you can make a canopy for the front of the tank to hide and suspend the florescent tubes you can come up with a nice combo that will cover the whole tank without being an eye sore.
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Hello aussieJJDude;

I am in the same situation in that I have a quarter circle tank and light is bright in the front of the tank but too dark towards the back for plants.

One thought is putting submersible led lights in the back where the V shape is and have the ledís pointing down towards the plants.

One thought is making a triangular shaped hood and then install two or three parallel t5 lights focusing the light towards the back and sides of the tank. Maybe making two hoods with one t5 light in each and place the hoods on the outside lines of the V.

My main concern is ending up with too much light. I like light to be soft and easy on the eyes like a cloudy summer day.

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Thanks guys,
It given me some insite how to construct my lighting setup on my tank.
I been giving it some thought on the lighting and combining both of your ideas I think I get two 2foot lights - like i got now, maybe two LED's setup - that go from the back and along the sides. I think it will work well as I was hoping of getting the middle to be crypts, java fern and anubias while the sides would of been vall and maybe amazon swords.
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