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I have a 45 gallon planted tank that is 24 inches deep. I have a T5 HO ballast and have been running a T5 HO 6700k bulb along with a T5 non-HO Colormax bulb. My colormax burned out yesterday and I need to replace it. Am I better off with a T5 HO Colormax, non-HO colormax, or a HO 10,000k bulb to go along with my 6700k HO bulb?

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In case anyone asked, I do not run any kind of CO2 system and my lights are programmed to stay on for 7 hours a day. No sunlight in the room. I do put in 5mL of Excel every other day and Flourish Comp every week after a water change. Don't know if this information helps but I figured I throw it out there.
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If its been working then I'd stay with the non ho bulb personally. Fwiw, id consider that about as bright as I'd want to go, but I also prefer subdued scapes. If I were to add light output to the tank, I'd be cautious not to over run the nutrients available in the water. It can get out of hand :)

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I would go with a HO bulb in the HO fixture, it is the ballast that controls the amount of electrical current that is sent through the bulb (and ultimately the light output), it is likely the case that the non-HO bulb failed because it was being overdriven by the HO ballast

at this light level, any difference due to the color temps is insignificant and would be more a matter of personal preference
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I had not considered that, good observation. Otoh I've often used non ho bulbs in ho fixtures but never t5 sized. I even ran t12s in a vho fixture, and those lasted for years. Food for thought, though.
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So I added a t5 ho 10000k bulb since I had one in storage. Do you think I need to increase any nutrients yet or just observe and see what happens?
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I would watch and see. It may indeed not require adjustment, but keep a eye on er :)
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