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i feel like that contributes more to global warming than it would to plant growth then....
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Originally Posted by SinCrisis View Post
i feel like that contributes more to global warming than it would to plant growth then....
They are yeast consuming sugar made from sugar cane so in that since what CO2 they produce is technically neutral. TBH though they produced practically nothing, but in the same sense we all practically produce nothing in carbon emissions individually. It the billions of little things that add up to the problem....

Even with a high tech pressurized system like on my 55 gallon that injects much more CO2 then a yeast setup. I have a 5lb CO2 tank and at the VERY most uses maybe 20lb of CO2 a year. Burning a gallon of gasoline produces about 20lbs of CO2 as well. The difference is where they come from. The ones I use are likely fossil fuel dependent. Where a yeast system technically uses a biofuel, but its not 100% CO2 neutral.

Even if you unhook the system from the tank or something your still releasing the same amount of CO2 regardless. The yeast will only stop producing CO2 if they die. You can either diffuse it into the tank for plant growth(a lot will dissolve into the air anyway) or you can vent the system directly into the air.

In the end though all our fish tanks contribute to global warming. Planted or nonplanted, it doesn't matter. Unless your house is off the grid or something your consuming electricity from the grid with is most generated from fossil fuels... its all quiet complicated... IMO more importantly then CO2 emissions is their efficiency... how the automotive ecomodder loves the saying, "Your mileage will vary." If only everyone would take that to heart. Next time you see the Geo metro with that cardboard body kit you can laugh, the driver will likely laugh too but for entirely different reasons...

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Raise the water level so the water doesn't splash into the tank, and then the filter will help diffuse the CO2.

The splashing is really the biggest problem when using it on a CO2 tank. Directing the flow towards the side of the tank will also help. (get creative with silicon and plastic cut from a soda bottle.)

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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