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Johnny's Plant Build

This is a discussion on Johnny's Plant Build within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hey All! I decided it was time for a build update! I had recently posted that I was right in the midst of ordering ...

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***update 2/16/10***

Hey All!

I decided it was time for a build update! I had recently posted that I was right in the midst of ordering my plants, and I had my cart saved and as soon as I went to check out....80% of the plants I was going to order were out of stock!!! i blame Eric!!!! he got a shipment right after they went out of stock!!! (gives angry fist shake to E.) haha

So, again plants will have to wait...ugh!!!!

But I do have some good news!! My new canister filter came in and I'm very excited to get it all hooked up! FedEx delivered it to my neighbor!! I have also been working on new cabinet doors to put on the front of my stand! The wifey says the filter has to be hidden....which works well for me because then I can store all of my stuff in there!!!

Pictures on filter and my new doors will be coming soon!!!

I really just want plants to be in this thing already!! I aprpeciate everyone helping out with getting me to where i'm going to be! Once the plants are in I hope to keep this thread going and gather some input along the way!!

Pics tonight I hope!
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I no speaka ingleis. No comprende senior. Me know nu'ting. Nu'ting at all.
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Dang, site timed out and wouldn't do anything. I kept trying and it multi posted.
Sorry. I still no speaka de ingleis

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now your just a liar!!! and not just a liar a three time liar!!! hahahahaha
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Awww I can't wait to see how all this is turning out I'm happy for ya
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JohnnyD44 (02-17-2010)
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I have been in correspondence with Mary @ Sweet Aquatics...I've finalized my plant order and I'll be placing the order tomorrow....I'm so excited for these things to finally get here!!!

here's the finalized list....

3 – Amazon Swords
6 – Vallisneria Spiralis ‘Leopard’
4 – Ludwiga Natans --
4 – Rotala Indica
6 or 8 –Narrow Leaf Chain Sword
2- Walkeri

3/4 - Pennyworts

any thoughts?

I also got the canister filter assembled tonight, it's not running, I ran outta time...
Doors are painted, just need to add hinges and put on door knobs...

I was moving to get this all done, but I ran outta time...I had to pack for the weekend....heading back home to celebrate my bro's 21st birthday!!!
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One thing I didn't consider and might still get some was something like Hornwort. It grows fast and pulls nutrients out of the water. While you may have an established tank, I didn't. I ran the filter with tank filled for a week adding some fish food each day. Then I planted it.
I mention a plant such as Hornwort because while other plants are slower to get going the Hornwort will assimilate ammonia etc... from the tank quickly. Sort of a sponge plant in case I ran in to problems with ammonia. I haven't yet... Just a suggestion. but since there are no problems yet I may not get it.
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JohnnyD44 (02-19-2010)
Old 02-19-2010, 06:05 AM   #28
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Thanks E.

it's a well established tank at the moment...I was hoping to get the filter up and running last night so it would have an extra 3 days while I'm gone to seed with the HOB filters...but I just ran outta time...

I'm gonna let the canister run from sunday with the HOB until my plants come in(i hear friday), then I'm going to float the biowheels for another week, week and a half or so....

I'm so ready for these plants to come in!! after seeing yours I got really excited!
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I'm sorry I hadn't been here earlier about the plant list, I'm guessing you already ordered? As far as fast growers you have them on your list already with the Rotala & Ludwigia. What I (out of my exp) would suggest thou is get a lil less Narrowleaf chain Sword; UNLESS you're really set on covering eg. the front of your tank real quick. That stuff (provided a proper plant set up) really does grow like weed! I had 1 in my 55g set up in Nov by Jan I had some 20 runners already and started pulling some out of that tank.

Otherwsie I honestly can NOT wait to see update pictures of that tank, cause that plant list sounds VERY nice
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Thanks Angel!

I am going to place the order tonight once I get home...thats just the finalized list....

how many narrow leaf chains should I go with? i don't want them overwhelming the tank, but a good amount...she said they are available in pots, and there are 3 to a pot...I was thinking of ordering 2 pots and break up the individual plants(if possible)....order has not been offically placed. yet
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