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Johnny's Plant Build

This is a discussion on Johnny's Plant Build within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> After some haggling from Angel and Kymmie, here are some updated pics....the first set are from about a week ago, before I trimmed for ...

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Updates 4-27-10

After some haggling from Angel and Kymmie, here are some updated pics....the first set are from about a week ago, before I trimmed for the first time....

AND AFTER A SNIP HERE AND THERE....I replanted the stems I cut off, thanks to the advice from B and Kymmie....I think the pennywort has a much more "bushy" look now...and in the 3rd pic, I'm not sure how (i think the current does it) but I love how the pennywort on the right hangs sideways!

I love them and so does the wife (which is always a plus!)

Thanks for the continued interest in my transformation!
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The tank looks great, Johnny! Your new cories are soooo darn cute. (I'm not even going to mention the QT word) I love how you are taking progress pics. It's such a transformation. Nice job.
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QT word? maybe I missed something...

are they peppered corries?????
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tank looks really really good.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyD44 View Post
QT word? maybe I missed something...

are they peppered corries?????
QT= Quarantine Tank
After learning the hard way I QT most all new additions three to four weeks before they are allowed into the display.

To me they look like Corydora melanistius except they don't have the black marking on the dorsal fin. Peppered cories don't have the black band across the face like yours do. I'm no cory expert but whatever species they are very cute!

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Those are Corydoras schwartzi. I have always liked them, a nice species among the lined corys. I had a shoal several years ago, but haven't seen them recently around here or I would get them again. Aside from the nice linear markings, the body colour is silver/gray rather than buff as on some of the others, which makes a nice contrast in a tank with several species of cory (always a plus).

I've been working on the cory species in our profiles but haven't got around to adding these; now that someone has them, I'll probably add them next along with some closely-patterned species.

This species was named after Adolfo Schwartz, a collector (and the son of the famous Dr. Willi Schwartz) in Manaus, Brazil. The species C. adolfoi was also named in Adolfo's honour since he discovered that species; can't recall off the top of my head if he actually discovered this one (C. schwartzi) or not. I'll sort that out when I do the profile.

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JohnnyD44 (04-28-2010)
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Byron, your knowledge is truely remarkable when it comes to this stuff!!! thats awesome!! i want to get another 6 of them or so....

i also want to add another shoal of diamond tetras as well as a dozen or so more neons....the sparkle of hte diamond tetras with the color contrast of my other neons is pretty cool to see!!

Thanks again
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Do you have diamonds in there now? I can't see any in the photos. Yes, they are a lovely characin, and a group of 7 (4 male, 3 female) would be perfect. In a heavily planted tank they do sparkle as you say. They are in our profiles, Moenkhausia pittieri. [Click the shaded name to go to the profile.] A good addition. They are the SA equivalent of the African Congo Tetra in my mind. I've thought of diamonds for my 115g, now that the Emperors had to be pulled out to save the others.

More C. schwartzi are fine, or have you considered another species? With 4 C. schwartzi, you could have 4-5 of another contrasting species for some interesting variety. Different cory species do have slightly different behaviours, this is one of the fascinations I have with the species in this genus.


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I do have 5 bronze corys in there too....for a total of 10 corries....

I am waiting for my LFS to get diamond tetras in....they really sparkle (like you said) against the green plants!
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I've also decided to swap out some plants, but I"m stumped as to what to replace them with....

the plant directly behind my center driftwood, just isn't doing it for me (or the wifey)

my newest ideas/dilemas.....

two of them on the left aren't growing as I thought they would....they seem to have stopped, where as my one on the right of the driftwood (picture one and ten) is growing and expanding lovely.... I do not want to get rid of any of my sword plants, but I debating removing one of the two swords on the right and then moving the beautifully growing one on right to replace the "dead" looking plant directly behind the driftwood to give a nice center piece plant....

If I remove a sword, it would be the one of the far left (nearest the intake) and plant some more indicia rotala to mimick the back left corner which are growing great....

but, with a center piece plant and identical plants in the corners to off set it, i don't want it to look symmetric...

the plant behind the driftwood and the one straggler to the left of the same plant are definitely coming out...

I am in love with the pennyworts, rotalas and my big well as the narrow leafs!

any thoughts or advice???
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