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This is a discussion on Johnny's Plant Build within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> As mentioned by the others, it is best to use a single food each day and not mix in different foods the same time. ...

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As mentioned by the others, it is best to use a single food each day and not mix in different foods the same time. Fish will be "picky" and feeding different foods (on different days) is more likely to ensure they get all the nutrients since some foods may be higher or lower in this or that. I feed flake and a tablet/pellet food every morning, and I have four different brands of each so it is different 4 days running before it repeats. One of the flake foods and 2 of the tablet/pellet foods are always a green (veggie) since this can help keep the fish's intestinal tract healthy. I always notice that certain of these will be more greedily consumed by some fish than some of the others, which only proves my point that they should not be mixed because essential nutrients may be lacking in some.

Frozen foods are fine but if fed regularly the fish may refuse flake. The advantage to frozen foods is not nutrition but their closeness to live, hence fussy eaters will usually accept frozen over flake/dried foods. There is not all that much nutrition in frozen foods, the value is in the stimulation they give to the fish, esp difficult feeders, to eat. The prepared foods (flake and tablet/pellet) are so nutritious they are fine as the sole food, but the frozen adds some variety and "spice" for the fish. And as I say, there are a few fish (wild-caught) that may not eat anything else.

Almost every fish likes bloodworms, but I have read several times that they should not be a regular daily food staple. I feed them 3 times a week , evenings, but only due to having a couple fish that eat nothing else.
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Originally Posted by LisaC144 View Post
So how do you feed it to the betta? Defrost a whole cube then just take a bit out of that for the betta when feeding the other fish? He would only need such a tiny bit.
That's exactly what I do. On the days I feed frozen here's what he gets depending on what they day's offering is: it's either one bloodworm, three mysis, one brine shrimp, approx. 10 daphnia, a teeny tiny pinch of beefheart...I do not overfeed Mr. Betta.

As Byron says, you don't ever want your fish to develop a preference to these foods over prepared foods. In order to receive proper nutrition they have variety and balance.
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All of this makes perfect sense. I will start feeding 1 food a day. I use flakes and veggie discs as a staple. I actually rarely feed freeze dried bloodworms because they cause an allergic reaction for me. I'm also going to introduce fresh veggies every so often. I also bought sinking shrimp pellets for the bottom feeders. How many pellets should be given to them for 7 cories? And how often?
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My neighbour one day asked me how I knew how much food to give each tank, and I couldn't answer. You just learn by observing.

I have some 30 bottom-feeding fish (Corydoras, whiptails, the Ram, Woodcats, Otos) in the 115g and depending upon the size of the disks or pellets, I vary the number from food to food. I use 5-6 of the larger (about 1/2 inch across) disks, 7-8 of the slightly smaller disks, about 12-15 smallish pellets (the shrimp pellets). The tetras grab some of these, so allow for that. Then I observe how long it takes for the food to be consumed; if you still see significant pieces of disks 6 hours later, you might cut back a couple. If they are all gone in 1 hour, maybe more, depending upon the type of fish and their method of eating (some fish eat slow, others gobble fast). I also observe how eager the fish are to go after all this. And last thought, a hungy fish is a healthy fish. Fish should always appear "hungry", not "filled", and I mean in behaviour, not size necessarily.

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Okay got it. With the algae wafers I usually break it into 4-5 pieces and scatter them so they aren't all attacking 1 piece. I guess that isn't necessary now, but I was doing it when I had the Silver Dollars because they'd go after the wafers immediately and I wanted some pieces to fall to the bottom for the bottom feeders. They went nuts over the daphia I put in last night. I'll try a few shrimp pellets tonight. Thanks for you help and advice!
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soooo, as said before i've seen some brown algae on the sides of my I'm starting to see it on some of my plants!! this can't be good right?

I have no idea why I keep seeing brown algae, this tank has been established for over a's growing on my sword leaves and on some of the pennywort plants...

any advice? I'm scheduled for a pwc this afternoon, but this stinks. haha
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Is it brown like lil bushes or more like someone sprinkled cinnamon on the plants; does it rub off between your fingers easily?

In new set ups perfectly normal had you done any major remodel in that very tank recently? Any NO or Ammonia peaks for some reason?
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it looks like sprinkled cinnamon ( haha that's an awesome comparison) it does rub off with my fingers.

only remodel I did was switch out all the gravel in my tank in January...and adding plants....

no ammonia spike or NO spike or anything like that...
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Replacing the substrate has a major impact on an aquarium, so that has probably upset the biological balance. It will settle down again, especially with live plants helping. Remove the diatoms (brown algae) from plant leaves as best you can. The common algae-eating fish will eat diatoms, but I wouldn't buy them just for this because when it's gone (as it will be in a month or two) you're stuck with fish you might not otherwise want. Unless you do want them of course, then get them. My Farlowella in my 90g are terrific eaters of brown and common green algae, as are the groups of otos in the 115g, but I bought them because I wanted the species, the algae eating is a bonus even though it is minimal to begin with, and no diatoms that I can see.
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"Cinnamon sprinkles" is diatoms indeed. I'd not even bother adding any special fish. That's simply cause of the gravel exchange and will settle itself quick once the tank is balanced again. Just keep up your weekly maintenance scrub a lil off and then gravel vac it out, let the plants grow out some once they start thriving diatoms will automatically subside that's why I said I'd not even bother with the 'special fish'.
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