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Originally Posted by xfatdannx View Post
sorry i missed the part about fert. no i do not use any. According to my Tetra EasyStrips the GH is between soft and hard, reading between 75 and 150 ppm.
I would use a complete liquid fertilizer, like Seachem's Flourish Comprehensive Supplement. Just one dose a week to start, and observe what happens. Plus some floating plants.

Your GH is OK for these plants. The Flourish will add a minimal amount of hard minerals too.


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is this okay to add with a fish in the tank?
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yep you should be able to add it with your fish. I put my drops in the output of the filter so it gets pushed all around the tank

I didn't notice when I bought Excel that it was carbon. I thought it was a fert. Stupid newb mistake. Now doing comprehensive. in a 10 gallon I do about .75 ml to start once a week, then I'll up it to 2x a week then to 1 mil :) I'd suggest a pipette .. they're handy (the plastic dropper thingies) .. My java ferns are recovering since my mistake. Hopefully this helps someone
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i have a few pipettes from my model paints (unused of course) and i also have a syringe for water testing i could use as well. Thanks for the tips.

I am not going to introduce any new variables for a week at least here. i just found out my tap water has ammonia in it and then found, by testing, my Brita filter filters ammonia. So i am going to focus on getting my ammonia levels down here. I know the plants can use them to some degree but the Java grows slow and the fish's health is priority over the plant.
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