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Java Fern Roots

As most people do I have attached a piece of java fern to a piece of driftwood. The new roots are getting pretty long (about 2") but are floating free in the water.

Should I tie the free floating roots to the driftwood or just let them continue to grow?

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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You can do either but will have more luck getting the plant to stay on the drift wood if you tie em to it until it has a sufficient hold that you no longer need string to keep it on.
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Mine did that, so I removed it from the wood all together. Once the roots are long enough, I bury the roots (somewhat), but not the rhizome, so it wont rot on me. Not sure if you're doing the wood for aesthetics or for function, though.

I found that regardless of what I did, even when I tied them down, my roots would still constantly float around. Silly Fern.
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It is natural for the true roots of Java Fern to float in the water. They assimilate nutrients from the water. Some will grow down into the substrate in time, but the plant inherently wants to extract all it can in the way of nutrinets, and as these are in the water the roots will take full advantage.

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Thanks for the input.

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