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Yikes! Every time I think I am making progress, someone takes care of that. Tonight I have about 20 stems from my Anacharis floating on top. What in the world happened there? I assume a fish was screwing around in the plants and uprooting them. Little brats. Without the Anacharis wall I had in the back the whole tank looks different.

How much time do you guys spend "fixing" your plants or don't you have these problems?
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I had the same problem with my stem plants.Both the rotala amd anachris.I don't have any stem plants in the37g now.I'm not sure if I'm going to do them in the 50g or not.I might just go with floating water sprite.

Your's truly,
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With Anacharis, I gave up. It is now a floating plant in my tank
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if u have thick gravel u can add tall hairgrass in the back of ur tank. i did that when my tank was in dismal conditions and it flourished like crazy. but it has to be in bright light. 2-3 wpg. when i mean dismal conditions i mean brown melting rotting worthless piece
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Yea I tried planting all my Anacharis at first but gave up after it started dying/uprooting, my problem may have been the lack of proper light though. I only have 1 of the original stems left now but have 3 - 4 new stems that grew off the old stuff before it died. I have noticed or at least think there is a correlation between the intensity of the lights and the leave size of new stems.
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i think your right
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This is one reason I do not like or use stem plants much. The other reason is that they grow fast (once established, my Pennywort took weeks then bang) and you are continually trimming them to keep them tidy. With rooted plants like swords, crypts, vallisneria, etc., they stay as you plant them and their root systems are sufficient to keep them anchored once they take hold. No fish like you or I have can uproot one of my Echinodorus bleherae with its 12-inch wide root system that goes down through 5-6 inches of gravel.

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don't give up my plants was showing sign of being a bit dull i added more light and fertalizer and rehomed plants to another side of the tank if they hated light and they bounced back. it's a trial and error and fix thing.might wanna teach the barb to not play rough tag near the plants for the time being but guess you can't cause barbs will be barbs lol

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Ugh! I spent a small fortune on these plants. The Anacharis is absolutely beautiful, or WAS. If the crazy fish could stay out of them . Today, I came home to the little bit of Pennywort that I had managed to plant now floating too. Rotten fish!

I am beginning to think I will get rid of all my fish and just get a few rubber ones to float peacefully around my plants. ha ha

I should have taken pictures of how lovely my plants were looking just a few days ago. Who knew that they would all of a sudden find a new game to play? Sassy, Sassy little fish. Maybe I should get another bag of Eco and try to root them deeper. I think mine is only about 4 inches deep or even a little less. Next stop... aquarium glued in plants. lol
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try flourite. i use the red but black is so much easier to clean and its specifically for plants. (red is prettier )
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