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I need help!

This is a discussion on I need help! within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> I'm in agreement with Amanda. I have had Power-Glo, it is very high in the blue and plants do not do that well under ...

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I'm in agreement with Amanda. I have had Power-Glo, it is very high in the blue and plants do not do that well under it, plus algae will in my experience. The kelvin number is the key, anything higher than 7000K is not as good as 6000K-7000K.
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I dont mind spending the extra money + I'm to lazy to go back out there and then walmart
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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
Unfortunately, that purple cabomba is beautiful, but will turn green. (Have to have high light and pressurised CO2 to keep it purple, and that would mean a new hood ($75-$120), a real CO2 setup ($600-$1200), and daily fertilisation ($1-$20 per week) and you have a risk of something going wrong and killing your fish.
Lets not bash high tech here. Hood cost is close. CO2 really does not cost that much... $600 is high IMO. A high quality setup w/ solenoid control and 5lb tank will run around $300. You could easily price out a lower grade system for $200. Then DIY pressurized is even lower.... Daily fertilization is cheap as well. I'm sure you could spend $20 a week if you wanted too, EI method though of dry fertilizing runs me $35 for about two YEARS of fertilizer for 75 gallons of water. My math says thats under 5 cents a day. I am sure fertilizer cost for my high tech tanks runs lower then alot of low tech tanks because there is a big difference between the cost/use of dry fertilizers and liquid fertilizers. They are the same except one is 90% water and costs alot more and doesn't last as long. If your wondering the 2 year supply of fertilizers I have weights about 3.5 pounds. Also things can always go wrong and kill fish, low tech is not immune to this. High tech has no higher rate of fish loss IMO. The chance of overdosing CO2 is slim and hard to manage in truth. Its no instant killer either. Its no more risky then your heater cooking your fish. Small changes and you remove 95% of the danger. Fertilizer and stuff pose no risk to live stock when used properly. I've never even heard of fish dieing even with improper use. Many more cases of low tech fertilizers like excel killing fish.

I'm gonna disagree with bryon too on kelvin rating. I grow way too many plants under bulbs higher then 7000K and they are much happier then when they were under a lower kelvin. Its because kelvin temp does not determine spectrum.

And @ plumpkin yeah I'm ready for some milder weather too.
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