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Will 8" be long enough on a 12" tank? I'm worried it won't clip on the side, my tank has a rim. It's the 2.5 gallon rectangle from Petsmart.
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Also, if I post a photo of the rocks I collected so far in some water, could y'all maybe help me ID them? It's either limestone or granite but it will make a HUGE difference which it is. I am leaning more towards granite the more I look at them, but they are soaking in some treated water to see if they affect the pH. Limestone passes the vinegar test so I need to be sure.
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Originally Posted by Agent13 View Post
This should be a great one for a budget LED for a tank your size( I think! ). I say go for it.

Amazon.com: LED light clip-on for nano mini tank dolphin curve adjustable arm angle 6500k white led: Pet Supplies
Flear.. I understand your trepidation about LED but I swear once you find the right one you'll be hooked.
Flint.. I have MANY LEDs in my house and NEVER had an issue with any of them.. even the small bedside tanks are all LED and planted. One great thing about LED is you do not have to replace.. unless you got a faulty one and in that case warranty should cover that. any other bulb should be replaced every 6 months but not LED.. and mercury vapor every 9 months. Visible light and usable light are not the same thing.
Good to know about the LED thing
most of what holds me back is a lack of understanding (when i understand fluorescent so well - or well enough to satisfy my curiosity)

as LEDs jump to PAR, and i really want to see a light spectrum map that matches a plants PUR so much more, instead what i have seen is really disappointing.

i just don't trust a single par number when a plants use of the light spectrum is shaped like an "M" ...

like the kelvin lighting number, there's lots of room for abuse of what light is given off by a single number, is it balanced, is it spiking in one area and just enough in another area to compensate and give it a total 6500K number. ... sure 6500K is a well known number that comes with some pretty serious expectations on what it delivers. this eases my concerns, but doesn't sooth them entirely

for LEDs and their PAR rating, ... i'm sure when i understand LEDs better i'll settle on a # but with the same trepidation about what that number means, ... and will always want to know more about how it fits on the spectrum map :)

till that day, ... yes, it's good to know there's hope :)
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Post the rocks - and send a PM with the link to member RockHound - he's a geologist, and helped me a TON with figuring out if my rocks were tank-safe. He isn't terribly active, but if he pops in, he may have something to offer.

Generally speaking, most rocks are fine - as long as they don't have 'fool's gold' or iron/rust stains on them. You can get a test kit for Iron content on Amazon - but I dunno if it's worth the expense for you. . . better safe than sorry - but if your tank is heavily planted, any excess iron should be absorbed fairly quickly by the plants, I'd think. Apart from that, a bucket-test to see if it's going to have an effect on your water hardness, which I think you said you're doing already?

Of course, you'll want to be sure they weren't collected from somewhere very polluted - rocks can carry contaminates into your tank, for sure.

For the 8" light vs 12" tank. . . I guess it depends on how raised above the tank the light would be, and the spread of the lighting. If it were *TOO* direct, it could pose a problem, but it's likely to be fine. . .
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i guess my idea of a large CFL directly inside the water would be too bright then ?

only an idea i play around, but for growing algea or greenwater i would think this directly in the tank would be definitly overkill for the job

SHO, Compact Fluorescent Aquarium, Hydroponics Lights | Sockets

but just think, how much the algae will thank you :)


as much as i'm not seriously contemplating it, ... depending on how a personal experiment goes i may put this directly in the tank.
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lol, I have no idea, to be honest, Flear. I try NOT to promote algae growth in my tanks >.<
IN the water, though? I've read that this was done in the past, but it doesn't sound like a good plan to me. . .
I encourage you to start a new thread on this, we don't want to hijack poor Flint's thread - she has more than enough questions on her future setup!!! ^__^

Want me to move this post out to make a new thread for you?
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Reference Team
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Originally Posted by Flint View Post
Will 8" be long enough on a 12" tank? I'm worried it won't clip on the side, my tank has a rim. It's the 2.5 gallon rectangle from Petsmart.
actually 8 inch is perfect for a 12 inch tank like yours. Its goes perfectly over the middle. You don't need it to touch end to end. I think the clip will fit over the lip. You pull the clamp screw all the way out and push in on then screw tight. My daughter has the same tank she uses as a terrarium every spring and summer and the lip is 1/2 inch. Should be ok.. and if I'm wrong you can file a divot into it.. then come on here and yell at me haha.
If you feel you need a 12inch light (you don't) you could look at this one.. but even though it costs more a trust the specs on the other one more. This one seems to boast watts which is irrelevant on LED lights.
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The 8" is my favorite so far. It can sustain the HC?

I'm going to take a pic of the rocks now. Thank you so much everyone!!
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Rocks - The white marbling makes me 85% positive it's just granite, but I have to be sure, my water is hard as is.

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I think I may make a "Name That Rock" thread so more than just plant people would see it, or would that be making unnecessary threads?
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