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Hm, the bubbles went away after initially adding the flourish. I'm hoping the excel will help as it seemed to work when I had it. The algae also seemed to get worse, as it did when I ran out of flourish excel initially. I am hoping that the excel will help with this as well.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get algae off plants? I try to rub it off, but can't ever seem to get it all and it just grows back. It seems to stunt the growth of the leaves that it gets on. Or, will it just go away on its own when the plants are growing better? Does algae in the water (when I rub it off) cause health concerns for my fish?

Grrr...and just when I thought I had finally gotten it right. Oh well, I'll just keep telling myself that it is a learning experience.
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I know what you are going through. My 20g long planted tank is acting up now. I have noticed that you have to be really consistent when adding ferts. If you miss a dosage or add to much, it usually causes a bloom. I usually just scrub off plants w/ a toothbrush. What kind of algae crew do you have in the tank?
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Flourish excel finally came in today ! The wierd thing is that some days there would be bubbles on the top of the tank, and some days there would not be any?? The plants have been doing pretty well, but I'm hoping that the excel will help with the algae.

Well, here goes nothing .
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Did you add the gourami? Sounds like a bubble nest to me...

Also, what's your gh? It sounded like the plants may have been melting because there weren't enough nutrients in the water/it wasn't hard enough. Excel isn't a micro or macro nutrient the way most fertilizers are, it's simply put a liquid form of co2.
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Nope, no gourami yet. I am pretty sure that it was caused by the plants releasing oxygen when they photosynthesize, but I could be wrong.

I'm not quite sure the gh, but my pH is at 7.6 and WON'T budge, so I don't think that it a result of soft water, also I use regular Flourish for nutrients as well.

I started the flourish excel and it's hard to tell, but the algae does seem a little better. The plants are also growing a lot better.

I hope this does the trick.
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