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Yeah, im hopefully gonna sell my 10g then use the money for a 29 or 55 if I have room. But I do not know when these "rarer" loaches will pop up.
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pond snails are harmless, and besides- dwarf loaches typically ignore snails.

You know assassin snails eat other snails, and typically starve once the other snails are all dead...

I keep pond snails, ramshorns, assassins (they might be dead by now..), and MTS in every tank I have. I'm actually trying to find more MTS and assassins at the moment. You realise if you keep MTS you'll hardly ever see them?

One more final thing- MTS don't lay eggs, so if you inspect the plants you can just pick off any of the babies or adults.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
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I understand where you are coming from with the anti-snail phobia thing. I LOVE my fish! But I will not net them (unless dead), and will scream on the top of my lungs if one touches me (and every time I stick my hands in my 29g to adjust plants or clean, the same albino cory like to headbutt my arm....and when in my 15g my betta likes to rub on my arm like a cat!!)...if I ever have to move a fish out of a tank and it cant be done with a sterile cup, I call my best friend (who is a fellow aquarist) and have her do it for me. I dont, I just cant stand to touch them... same goes for my snails.

And I have a lot of snails! In my 29g I have a VERY large mystery snail (I will attach photo), I have somewhere between 4 & 6+ pond snails (had more, but had my friend grab two and put them in my smaller tank), I have one ramshorn that is Mr.Personality!!! And I have a dozen MTS that I cant wait to have reproduce and give me many many more!!!

My MTS keep my sand substrate taken care of, and I never see them except maybe once a week I might notice one of two on the glass if I have the light on later in the night than usual.

I use to not want snails and thought they were bad, only because I had never had any, hadnt done any research, and once I decided to get my mystery snail, "Speedy", I love watching snails!!! Even my little pouch snails are fun to watch...not touch though!!! LOL

And smaller loaches dont eat snails that I know of... I have black kuhli loaches, and there is like 3 pouch snails in their tank, and they dont bother them at all.

Just thought I would drop my experience in the mix. :)
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Well i bought the package with the "pond snails." I've had the plants for 3 days now and i haven't seen any snails yet. The plants are currectly all in my 10G tank with a betta and some red cherry shrimp. I put a piece of romaine lettuce in to see if any will appear, but how much longer do you think i should "quarantine" until i put it in my 20g?
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Its your choice on how long. If you are truly concerned with snails, rinse the plants off again and shake before putting them in their tank. If you have snails, just don't overfeed and they should die off before getting too many.

Its generally not live snails that always hitch hike onto plants, but their eggs that do. So it would take time for them to hatch, and for the snails to become visable, in some cases depending on the age of the eggs when you got the plant, it could take weeks before you notice any of them.

When they first hatch, they are very hard to see, they look like tank debris, or itty bitty teenie tiny black ants. (I just recently had a bunch hatch and spent their first couple of days hanging out in my floating plants, there was easily over 50 babies... but since they dont all get the food they need since I try not to overfeed too much, they dont all survive... but I try to overfeed enough so that my MTS can stay alive.)

*They call me, Amanda*
Tank 1: (29 gal planted) empty
Tank 2: (15 gal) empty
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I had bought some plants and even though I swished them well they had pond snail eggs attached. I didn't notice the eggs until a few days after attached to the glass. I would wait a week and check around for snail eggs. If you don't see any you should be good.

Have fun with the plants.
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