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How to make Java Moss Grow Faster?

Recently, a lot of people have requested for me to sell some of my java moss to them. The thing is like a monster, sometimes growing ridiculously fast. Good news for me, since I'm a college student. I have a lot of orders coming in, but I have to tell them they may have to wait awhile, because I am getting so many orders and there is just not enough moss at the moment for everyone.

So, any suggestions on how to encourage plant growth? I hear Epsom salt can be a good fertilizer? All suggestions are appreciated!
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There are 17 nutrients I believe it is that plants need, in addition to light and Co2. It's about mainting a balance. The plant will only grow to the least available nutrient/sun/co2. To maximize growth you want as much light as the plant can handle then bring the other nutrients up to that point. That being said.. be careful what you wish for. You've already said the plant is growing rediculously fast. Altering anything may wind up hindering it's growth or even flat out killing it.

If I'm wrong and/or missing some stuff I'm sure one of our more experienced "planters" will be around in the morning.
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The other thing is that you can get algae on the moss and then it looks yucky. Rather keep doing what you are doing and the last folks on the list will have to wait a few extra weeks. Rather they get healthy moss then algae covered moss.

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I second what has been mentioned by both members previously. This is not a particularly fast-growing plant, so getting it to grow as fast as you have indicated already is perhaps going to be it.

I would also mention that this is a low-light plant, it often browns under direct light that is too bright, so a cover of floating plants helps. And this will also serve to prevent the algae issues Inga mentioned.

And, Java Moss frequently all but stops growing for a period if it is exposed to fluctuating conditions, such as light changes, nutrients, or water hardness and pH. Being a moss, it is unable to use bicarbonates as a source of carbon, so it relies solely on CO2 for carbon, and thus will always do better in softer slightly acidic water.

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