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I think that I have plain gravel and I use tabs for the plants, but can you tell me more about plant gravels and can I purchase them from PetSmart?
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first- either move the tank away from the window, if safely possible, close the blinds, or block out the natural light some how- its just going to grow algae
2-3 watts per gallon with a FULL SPECTRUM light should be sufficiant enough. if you can figure out exactly what plants you have, you can be better recommended to a light.
root tabs should work fine. there are also liquid fertilizers you can buy to dose ( dose according to the bottle!! )
maybe if you could post a picture we can better help you out.
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Here are the scientific names of my plants:Trichomanes javanicum, Ophiopogon japonica, Selaginella wildenowii, and Dracaena sanderiana!
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Take them back to the pet store and demand your money back! They sold you plants that will simply rot and die submerged. Don't change or do anything as far as ferts right until you have new true aquatic plants.
Better yet, take a look at the rest of that site and try to find plants you like and then decide what you want or what matches the lighting you have.

It shhould help your algae problem by blocking as much natural sunlight as possible. If you like the natural sunlight then invest in some Algone and/or some Flourish Excel to control the algae.

I hate it when LFS sell these plants on the premise they will live and thrive in an aquarium. Ask before you buy. Many of them do know they are not aquatic and will tell you if they are not.
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What is LFS?
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LFS = Local Fish Store

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Local Fish Store :D . I don't think that they sell plant gravel at Petsmart. I got my eco-complete from They have other brands too, just this is the one that most people seem to like. You don't necessarily need them, but they just provide extra nutrients for the plants. And yes, natural sunlight is not really the best way to grow plants, but it does grow algae like crazy !
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LFS = local fish store
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Why is natural light not good for plants? I thought the almighty Sun is the star that give life to all of living things on Earth!
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ofcourse it gives life, and ofcourse it will grow your plants, however it seems to grow way more algae then it grows plants. your best bet is using a light fixture and avoid natural light sources period.
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