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Home Made Liquid Fertilizer


As many of you are aware I am experimenting with various liquid fertilizers.

The ultimate goal is a sticky thread in this forum which may be of use to forum members with planted tanks.
The immediate goal is not killing any of my plants during experimentation.

I believe that I remember (at my age I am beginning to remember items which never occurred) F4A publishing a recipe.

If anyone has a recipe with specific links to the procurement of all ingredients I would appreciate a post.

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Surely someone can help here!

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You can mix up a standard fertilizer with all the components needed.
CaSO4 (or any calcium without PO4 or NO3)

Then a seperate mixture for your iron and micros.

I have never made a pre mixed solution as I really like to control exactly what I dose so I measure everything every day and dose by dissolving it in some of the tank water in a cup.

HERE is the best site I have found for PMDD or pre mixed dosing drops.
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To put in my very simplistic terms :

Where would you procure the ingredients from (links would very much appreciated if you have the time) and
what quantity of each
would you put in a home made liquid fertilizer?

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Dry Ferts

This is where I would get them.

As for how much here is what I would do for each 20 gallons you want to fertilize for 1 year:

1 pound KNO3
1 pound KH2PO4
1 pound CSM+B (will last a long time so maybe 1/2 pound per 20 gallon)
2 pounds K2SO4
1 pound MgSO4 (could leave out, it is simply Epson Salts anyway)
1 pound CaSO4 or Calcium Carbonate
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Nothing was visible under "This is where I would get them."

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Click on dry ferts
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Excuse me!

I will order now and as soon "as I have my plants back in shape" after using 'Big Al's' liquid fertilizer I will try those components at your recommended concentrations.

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