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Help with plants!

Hey, well i'm gonna be getting green cabomba, water sprite, and hornwort soon. I'm not sure how to go about it since they are all pretty much basically fast growing plants, but the thing is i can provide very little light. Are they all fine with that? Can they survive with little to no sunlight/artificial lighting and no CO2? I already have some amazon sword in my tank, and it seems to be doing okay (been in my tank for over 3 months now) and im almost positive that amazon sword needs more light than those 3 above. Let me know please(: And is there anything special i have to do to get the water sprite to float? I do not want to plant it and the green cabomba and hornwort should be enough to plant my tank(: Or.. Are all of them floatable? Because i might mix up which ones are planted and which one is flaoting. Any advice please!?(:
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those plants should be fine in low light with no c02. the water sprite will float and the others can be planted.
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my watersprite almost died due to lack of iron, watch out for yellowing leaves with no plantlets on your watersprite.
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I would not consider cabomba to be low light, nor hornwort. And if you are serious in saying "little to no light", nothing will grow with no light so there is a definite limit.

Ceratopteris (water sprite) floating should be fine, as it is close to the light source. But understand it will obviously shade the aquarium and less light will get through. I have grown fine swords under a canopy of water sprite, but not stem plants which generally require more direct light. If you can provide the tank size and existing light (type, watts, Kelvin, number) I may have more on the light.

The CO2 will not be an issue, if your swords are doing well now. I assume you are using liquid fertilizer? As someone mentioned, this is essential.

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as they all said, but also, what is low light to you? to me, 1.5 watts per gallon is low. how big is this tank? what kinda bulbs are we talkin here? are you using a heater? i have found that hornwort does better in colder water and will shed its leaves in warmer water. I have also found cabomba plants to be a pain in the neck...

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all three should do okay floating until you can get online and figure it out. Kind of suprising you would get ceratopteris and the other two mixed up... it looks completely different. Hornwort and cabomba, sure...

Just spit it out... How much lighting do you have? Do you have a hood on it? What kind of bulb?
Is it near a window?

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Agree with Byron, without the proper lighting Cabomba, Water Sprite, nor Hornwort will grow.

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Well if it's enough for the echinodorus, it might be enough...

Some people consider 2-3 watts per gallon to be 'low light'... Need to know what he's using.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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