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My guess there is nutrient deficiency of some kind, I can't remember offhand which nutrient(s) are indicated by discolored veins, if it's on new leaves I would suspect a micro, but you may want to check that out or someone who knows more about that specifically may chime in on that.
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Alright... algae on the glass is coming back but not as much as it did before all the changes, but plants are still getting affected by "black spots on the leafs" I will post pictures. Maybe I should change my lamps..? I have 65 W CF square pin lamps that are about 8 month old. maybe more... should i change them?
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Here is few pictures of my poor leafs.

I'm thinking taking my snails out and putting them in small tank with gravel and food and putting massive amounts of algae destroyer liquid in to my main tank.... what you guys think about that?
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i have the same thing in my tank right now. im fairly sure that it is green spot algae. im hoping that more co2 and dosing ferts will cure it up. if anyone has anything else to add please do.
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The anubias at least is BBA, I'm pretty sure it's what the rest is too. Getting CO2 and nutrients in check will stop new growth, I'd kill what's there by spot treating with excel since trimming off affected leaves on the anubias would be pretty much all of it. It's real hard to keep off anubias since they're such slow growers, try to get them in a darker part of the tank if there is one.

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I have the same thing happening. I'm going to try increasing my Excel dosage. I wouldn't remove the snails. I think they help keep the leaves clean. But I'm not sure the snails eat that type of algae.
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