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Originally Posted by mgkdad View Post
thanks Byron I was worried that the fish would be in trouble with the ammonia, the only other issue I have is a little algae on the leaves of the anubias plants and the water being a little hazy, you can see through it but its not crystal clear and on the algae do you think I should get some shrimps to take care of it and if so what kind of shrimp.
I will leave the shrimp question for those with shrimp to answer.

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I do not recommend any shrimp unless you can be certain of pristine water parameters. Shrimps are much much more sensitive than fish and will readily give up on life if the water is not to their liking.
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what can I get to take care of the algae problem I have, its not to much but its on the leaves of my plants and on a white cave my daughter put in for the fish.
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I just did a water change and after I was done I noticed tiny little bubbles coming from one of my plants not sure if its the anubais or my crypt wendtii but I was wondering if anyone knew why this was happening. The bubbles where coming out at a steady pace, I hope this is a good thing.
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sometimes a injured plants release a stream bubbles. it's quite normal :)
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I was wanting to plant some crypt wendtii red but I wasn't sure if I needed anything to keep it red. Right now I have some crypt wendtii tropica in the back left corner, about 6 water wisteria plants starting in the back right corner and they are planted all the way down the right side of the glass, three anubias plants in the middle but closer to the front just a little tied on some rocks and a piece of drift wood right in the middle of the tank with a wendalov java fern in the middle of it. My idea was to try and plant some crypt spiralis or crypt balansae in the back going all the way across the back and some crypt parva across the front of the tank with either some crypt red on the left side of the tank or some bacopa just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on my idea. I wanted to put pygmy chain swords in the front and chain swords in the back but I couldn't find any at my lfs any advice would help out a lot thanks.
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sand substrate

ok so I finally changed over from gravel to sand and I was wanting to know how many mts do I need for a 10 gallon tank. the tank right now is planted with wisteria, anubias, bacopa , java fern wendolov and crypt wendtii tropica I also put some of the old gravel in a media bag and put it in the tank to help the cycling process go a little faster.
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MTS as in Malaysian trumpet snails? Just s couple would work for a starting point as they will breed sooner or later. When I start a new tank I usually throw in about 5-6 and end up with more in there. LoL

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I started with 10 for a 37 gallon. They end up self regulating and propagate according to the food available to them anyway so it doesn't really matter how many you start with. They are 10 cents apiece around here so I just tossed in a buck's worth.


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thanks for the help i'm gonna get some Thursday, the cory cats seem to like going through the sand I'm glad they are happy.
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