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Help me find lighting for a Small tank.

so I have a small tank on my kitchen table. I would love to find some lighting for it that was decent enough to plant the tank more & replace the plastic with real. The tank dimensions are 13" wide, 8" deep & 14" tall. I Bought it 2nd or 3rd hand at-least, but it fits the sop well so I don't really want to replace it.

The only thing that I have found to fit at all so far is this. I would prefer to stay with something florescent however. So does anyone have any ideals that dont cost a fortune (I have seen a couple of 12" reef lighting systems that were 250+ so there out).

Edit: and that image was the night it was setup. There is no a heater & internal filter.
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Sadly its a strange tank size so finding something will be difficult, you best option would be to get a small desk lamp and point it down at the tank, then you can use a screw in CFL at 6500k for the plant growth. If you don't want the lamp sitting on the table then goto the hardware store and find something wall mount that will direct the light down, beyond that I'd go with a DIY raingutter light since you can make it any size you want.
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I like Zof's ideas, and would also add another to consider- You could have a custom glass top made for pretty cheap if you measured the size of the two pieces you'd want (with overhang), have a glass shop cut them, then add in the hinge yourself. You could them purchase an inexpensive 12" strip light from a hardware store.
If you keep an open top, I would add a floating plant to give the fishies a 'ceiling' for security and to discourage jumping. How awesome would a dwarf water lily look when it bloomed?! I'm pretty jealous, I've always wanted an open top for just that reason.

I see why you'd want to keep it, I really like the design of the tank! Good luck!

"My dither fish need dither fish!"
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Both of those are very good ideas. I have a desk lamp over a 2.5 gallon tank that I have shrimp in and it works well for the plants.

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a desk lamp is out because it would take up table space. Cant hang anything on the wall as the table gets moved on a regular basis up & down the wall. I looked into the DIY gutter lights & they would probably work, but given the close proximity of sitting to this tank daily I would like something a little better is general appearance..
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This tank is ideal for LED lighting. I've no idea what sizes they come in, but worth looking into; there might be adjustable units. I've seen small tanks with LED and beautiful healthy plant growth.

Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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