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Help finding a light fixture

This is a discussion on Help finding a light fixture within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Yea if there is a LFS in your area with a good plant selection then use them, problem alot of people run into is ...

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Help finding a light fixture
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Yea if there is a LFS in your area with a good plant selection then use them, problem alot of people run into is there local stores don't carry a decent size collection of live plants, most my local fish stores will carry anarchis and about 3-4 species of of potted plants and nothing else.

The benefit of sweet aquatics is their prices are so cheap that it easily makes the prices of the plants comparable if not a little cheaper after shipping then getting them from a local store, plus they carry a variety of plants I can't find in my area. My first order came in all the plants were very healthy, my last order however has taken them a bit longer to ship then I had hoped for.

So all in all, I will keep using them until someone in my area decides selling lots plants is a good thing.
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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
You're not going to want any CO2.
CO2 is for high-light high-fertilisation tanks.

The fish will produce plenty of carbon dioxide.

If you want a foreground plant, you could try dwarf sag, it has a tendancy to get a bit tall but it does well in moderately low light. (Plus I got mine for about $0.80 a plant so it's not a huge risk)

The echinodorus species will also do well in low light, as Byron said.Crypt Wendtii bronze might not do too well, but get a wendtii green to act as a backup plan. They do well in low light.

As far as how to stock it...

(some of these weren't mentioned but do well with low light)

I'd go with 3-4 bunches of Hygrophila Difformis, 2-3 Echinodorus (for the background) 2-3 bunches of Pennywort, 5-6 Vallisneria, Some larger pieces of driftwood, with java moss on them, and Anubias and Java Fern to taste (on the driftwood) The crypts would work well in the midground.

You could also try Dwarf Hairgrass if you want to go with a fine substrate. (I believe angel has med-low light and her hairgrass does well)

Also, one last thing. I read that you can use the metallic duct tape on the bulb to direct the light downward. Whether that's much better than a reflector, I dunno.
Dwarf Hairgrass could probably work, I heard they can survive without large quantities of light, and are really hardy. Only problem is that uneaten food and waste tends to get tangled up in them.
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