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I think all pure quartz is inert... He was just telling us it was inert.

Some quartz can have veins of metal in it, but if it's pure it's fine.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
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Not sure if all quartz is. I just read that the stuff I used was. That's a good question tho.

And after 3 or 4 hours of swearing, my tank is planted. I'll have to post before and after pics. soon.

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Oh heck yes.

Every now and then I decide that I don't like the way things look or it needs to be rearranged for territory purposes. I take out the driftwood and pull up all of the plants to let them float at the top, then replant and arrange everything while the fish hover around watching. It startles them a bit at first but they always get curious and start exploring things even before I get everything situated. I always do one side/corner completely for them to check out while I finish everything else, otherwise they get in my way and I have to keep nudging them aside.
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Once I poured 100+ lbs of eco-complete on my fish. lol.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
1. Why are you adding inert quartz? Is your gravel too large or something?

2. I don't wee why you are worried about transitioning to live plants... Just rinse the quartz really well, remove the silk, add quartz in, stir the substrate a little, and plant the live plants...

I guess you're worried about stressing the fish? I think you may be worrying for nothing. I don't think your fish are going to get stressed... Likely more curious than anything.
It won't affect water parameters..

Also, make sure you have some flourish comprehensive and root tabs... They'll make everything easier.
Stirring substrate can and does often affect water parameter's depending on the amount of organics that have settled there.
Anything from ammonia spike to algae bloom is possible.
I have added plants to tank holding fish with no problems but I would not,,did not,,,disturb the substrate any more than I had to to place the plant's.
Were it me,, I would simply place the plants when they arrived in the tank(plant em later) after rinsing to remove what snails may be present,or place th plants in a bucket of tank water and plant them within 24 hours after your guest's have left.
Once the tank was planted,,I would perform at least 50 percent water change which should reduce any possible organics or ammonia that may escape from substrate.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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i argee with it does not tend to stress the fish mindjust get curious at what i am doing, best thing toi do is becare take your time the less quick monment will help prevent cloudy water, secound wash the plants well and do half and half the key is not to spike the ammonia levels just do checks before and after to make sure you have not spiked the levels. how many plants are you adding, cause i have been building up slowing adding two at a time over a period.

oh one last thing vacuam the gravel, i never the first time i adding plants never make that mistake again waste everywhere lol

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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
Once I poured 100+ lbs of eco-complete on my fish. lol.
LOL, did you at least rinse it first??

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lol yeah i did
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