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Good Background Plant Choices for 29 Gallon FW

I'm kinda struggling to find a background plant for my 29 gallon - I guess I'm picky.....

- Lampchop Rasbora's and Rummy Nose Tetra's
- Water Sprite (floating and planted)
- Anacharis
- Brazilian Sword
- Anubias (2 different species)
- Use of Flourish
- Temp 77 F
- PH 7.2
- Gravel Substrate
- 6500K Zoo Med Full Spectrum Light

- Tall for the background
- Something that won't take over
- A long straighter leaf plant
- Something that might be available locally
- Need about 7 inches of straight in-line coverage (if that make sense)
- Will be planted in front of a bubble wand
- Something good for the fish to play and hide in

I'm really not into the Corkscrews....

I have a Brazilian Sword which I love, so I don't really want to go with another tall sword.

I've seen the Hygrophila Angustifolia locally and I like it, but it seems like it may get real thick and try to take over. The fish seemed to love it (my #1 priorty). Can you thin this plant out?

Thank you for your suggestions and comments
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cyperus helferi

I use it in both my tanks, you can see what it looks like in my aquarium log to the left. Im not sure if its available locally, but its available online for pretty cheap at
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You could use Giant Vallisneria its sometimes called jungle val also. Its tall though and would need to cut. Also sends out runners. Those are easy though you cut them off if you don't want extra plants or let them grow and then cut and replant.
The cyperus helferi in JBros tank is really nice also.
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