frogbit not doing well
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frogbit not doing well

This is a discussion on frogbit not doing well within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> I have a pretty heavily planted 10 gallon aquarium, mostly rooted plants and some floating. I got some frogbit several months ago and it ...

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frogbit not doing well
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frogbit not doing well

I have a pretty heavily planted 10 gallon aquarium, mostly rooted plants and some floating. I got some frogbit several months ago and it is not thriving. All the other plants are doing very well. The frogbit looks pale and chewed on.

My other aquarium occupants include 12 very happy neon tetras, a lonely sparkling gourami, 3 otos and some cherry shrimp. They are all doing well. Chemistry is 0 ammonia & a trace of nitrate.

Lighting is a single 18 inch Ultrasun tube and a small LED unit - both on timers; both are on during mid-day for about 6 hrs; then just the Ultrasun for several more hours; then just small LED in evening. Then both off over night of course.

Does frogbit need higher light? Do fish or shrimp EAT frogbit?
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I also do not have great success with this plant. I've had mine for over two years, in one tank, and it goes through spurts of growth when it will multiply so as to cover most of the surface (a 48 X 18 inch surface area), then suddenly it declines over a matter of a couple weeks to a few leaves. It has done this pattern several times.

This has been my only experience with Frogbit. But something that may be related, is the species. The true Amazon Frogbit that is in our profiles, Limnobium laevigatum, may not be the plant. I bought mine under this name, but it has turned out to be the European/Asian species. I discovered this when mine flowered, as the flowers of this latter species are very different from those of the Amazon species. There is mention of this in our profiles, click the shaded name.

The species I have (and there is a third native to North America, and this may also be what we have) are obviously temperate, not tropical, so this might perhaps explain our problems with this plant. I must say that during its growth phases, it is a beautiful floating plant.

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