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Originally Posted by Grits
Any more ideas on lowering them? Or why they aren't going down with the WC's?
I think the best way to lower your nitrates would be to go out and buy a new test kit. I consistently get readings of 40 nitrates from all my tanks using the test kit I have, yet my fish are doing fine, my corys and plecos are breeding, and my plants are doing pretty well too, so it's got to be a test error.

Stick a root tab near each sword. Dose weekly with Flourish or Kent Pro Plant (5 ml ought to do it). Switch out that like to something around 6700K. Maybe add some Excel when you start getting algae, or pre-empt the algae and start the excel the same time as the other ferts (after a water change then every other day).

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An excellant way to reduce nitrates if they are higher than desired is to use live plants, particularly fast growing ones like egeria densa or hygrophilia sp. In a well planted tank that isn't overstocked with fish, nitrates should be fairly low - mine rarely goes over 5ppm.

But I think tophat has summed up the best course of action nicely.
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Well if you have a 20 gallon or smaller then the lighting is enough but totaly the wrong spectrum. Bulbs from 5500 to 10,000K are the only ones recommended for fresh water. For a single bulb, 6500 is the best with a CRI of at least 80 and the highest lumens you can find.

Test kit, what type or you using, strips or liquid?

If your tank is larger than 20 gallons you need more light. You want to try for medium-low to medium light to keep it low tech.

That site will help you understand lighting a lot better.
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