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flourish comp making plants die?

Ive been dosing flourish comprehensive twice weekly using a teaspoon. I dose about the size and depth of a round a US dime or nickel each time. Yesterday i dosed as usual and today my water sprite is browning significantly while my giant hygro has thinning and yellow leaves. Meanwhile, my amazon sword, anubias nana, and anarchis are totally unaffected. My anubias actually grew a 1 inch, light light green leaf overnight! And some of my water sprites arent affected and are really green, same with hygro. Im so lost, please help! Should i dose only 1 time a week?

Light is 5300 kelvin
15g tank
got anubias, watersprite, and hygro about 3-4 weeks ago.

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probably lack of light. Both the plants you are having issues with are most light needy plants in your tank, while the other can survive really low light levels.

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Agree, the Flourish comp should not cause any issues and unless you overdosed a HUGE amount, the only impact you should see from too much flourish comp might be more algae over time.

You may want to post info on your lighting for more complete feedback on your issue.

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Oh that sucks :/ i got them because the website i bought them from said they were lowlights.
Light is
Marineland T8 flourescent 22W 5300 K

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I think we are all on the correct page here. Your light is good, sufficient for a 15g tank, but the plant species need some changing.

Anubias and swords will do well, as you've indicated. Water Sprite would if floating; I am assuming from your initial post that it is rooted in the substrate? Allow it to float (I think it makes a better floating plant anyway, so another benefit for you) and it will likely recover. All fish appreciate floating plants, so yet another benefit.

Wisteria i would simply chuck out if it falls apart, as it will likely do. I have tried this plant a couple of times, and it never lasts beyond a couple of months, due to light. I just don't bother. There are many plants out there, those that work will be enough for you to have a beautiful planted tank. I have tried many plants over the years, those that work I stay with, those that don't I learn from and move on.


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