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Floating plants VS Filter Current

Hey all,

I purchased a water sprite plant just before the holidays and it has been doing amazing in my tank, lots of roots, good growth above the waterline, etc. However, the plant is very soft and teh roots have been getting caught int eh current forcing the plants to all flow onto one side of the tank, so instead of floating on top, its now a giant green mass on one side of my tank and the roots are getting tangled up in the leaves and it just looks like a big green mess. Does anyone have any experience with getting this plant to spread evenly at the top of their tank?
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One of my tanks has that same type of a current and what I did was to "anchor" it in place via a suction cup (black to match the back of the tank) and some fishing line gently wrapped around part of the plant and then tied to the suction cup. There is one big problem with this method that I discovered..when doing water changes the portion that is tied to the suction cup stays up high out of the water and there is a "pull" on the plant as the water level drops. Not a big deal but once the water is back up to its proper level I have to arrange the plant back into place and of course some leaves are always ruined during the course of this.

Not sure if this would work for you in your tank. I'd love to hear some better ideas so I could use them in my tank!

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@ Aunt Kymmie, Ill give that a try. My current runs digonally from the back left corner to the front right corner, so where would you suggest the anchor be placed from your experience? ALso how many anchors do you set per plant? I have like 8 pieces of waterpsrite floating around, should i get suction cups for each one for even coverage?
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