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I just bought my first live plants from walmart and these are the ones you can get off of the shelf. The down side is that the company that manufactures the bulbs, Sea-Live, Inc. use the same instructions on both packages. One contains a bunch of Aponogeton bulbs that are now set up in the back of the tank. The contained one big lily bulb, one they called a nymphaea lily and looks like it is a floater because the back gave the same instructions. Right now I'm hoping I have some luck with these. I'm open to some advice.
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If the bulbs float in the water instead of sinking right away they will more then likely be a dud and you might as well throw them away. It took me numerous times buying the lily bulb before I got one that would sink and put off leaves. The ones that floated never did and just kind of rotted.

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So lilies are suppose to sink first before they start floating in the water?
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Well the bulb is suppose to be sitting on the substrate. A healthy bulb will then sent out roots to hanger itself to the substrate plus it will draw up nutrients from them. It will also sent out stems that form leaves that will try to reach the surface of the water. Those leaves will float on the top when they do reach the surface.

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lotus plants, ... nice plants, wonderful flower, ... and leaves i am scared would block light from reaching under the surface (once the lotus found the surface) that the plants under would suffer :(

the reality, i'm sure other people have actual experiences
i'm just overly concerned for the "what if" scenario.

othewise there is a lotus plant i would love to have (especially for it's flower)
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first live plants

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